Fresh outside air delivered to Adelaide’s latest Medi-Hotel facility

Seeley International recently supplied two CW-P15 commercial air conditioning units for the brand new Adelaide hotel Tom’s Court which has been selected as South Australia’s dedicated Medi-Hotel COVID-19 quarantine facility. The units will provide cool, fresh, outside air and importantly positive pressurisation to the common lift lobbies on all accommodation levels, assisting in combatting the spread of Covid19 by containment within each hotel guest suite.

With manufacturing and head office based locally here in South Australia, Seeley were able to deliver the units ahead of schedule, allowing the Mechanical Contractor, Climat Air additional time to focus on completing the installation on time and ready for handover to Karidis Corporation ahead of arrival of incoming patrons.

Pat Calisto, Director of Lucid Consulting, was extremely pleased with the collaboration process with Climat Air and Seeley International, who both responded to the urgent request in the week prior to Christmas 2020,enabling the installation to be completed at end of January 2021. The retrofitted ventilation system was commissioned at end of January with performance exceeding expectations achieving both Lobby pressurisation and positive airflow in direction from Lobby into a hotel guest suite when a hotel suite door is opened.

“I wish to thank all involved as this enquiry was received at Xmas break up and even with the challenging target date of end of January, the installation was successfully completed and handed over. I understand that not only did Seeley meet the agreed delivery date but exceeded expectations by delivering the Toms Court units ahead of schedule. This would have certainly reduced stress on the installation side.

The building will be handed over by our client, Karidis Corporation to the SA Health Dept in February 2021 for use as Medi Hotel, and will cater for guests from overseas and interstate who are required to be quarantined upon arrival to South Australia.

The system testing exceeded expectations in this unique installation. The two Seeley International Pty Ltd air handling units effectively pressurise the small lobbies on each level utilising an existing air shaft. Upon a hotel guest suite door being opened, the air rushes to the floor and through the door. When doors are closed the vertical lobby zone is pressurised with a small amount of leakage only, which when a door opens, provides a relief path from which the fan will ride its curve to deliver more air flow. With all doors closed, the Lobbies on each floor maintain +25pa pressure differential to the Guestrooms. This is exactly what we aimed to achieve.

Thanks again for your efforts. Its times like this that make me appreciate this industry and people working in the industry.”