Climate Wizard Hybrid Dual System

Revolutionary Climate Wizard Hybrid HVAC System Now Available in California

Seeley International is proud to announce the launch of the high-performance Climate Wizard Hybrid, the world’s most energy-efficient HVAC system.

Specifically designed for the Californian market. This innovative technology promises to transform the way businesses and schools approach climate control, offering unmatched energy savings and other significant environmental benefits.

Unprecedented Energy Savings and Environmental Benefits
The Climate Wizard Hybrid unit delivers on average 60% cooling energy savings compared to traditional air conditioning systems; greater than 40% reduction in peak demand while delivering 100% fresh and safer air, it doubles the outside air rate against code without enduring an energy penalty, ensuring faster payback and lower operational costs. Key advantages include significant reductions in peak demand helping the electrical grid; enables full electrification and decarbonization on any site; lower carbon footprint supported by and over 50% reduction in CO2 emissions and reduced GWP potential.

Proven Effectiveness
Supported by a comprehensive study conducted by UC Davis, the Climate Wizard Hybrid has proven its efficiency and reliability in real-world applications. The study highlights the unit’s superior performance, making it a smart choice for businesses and institutions aiming for sustainability and cost-efficiency. Headline outcomes show cooling mode with compressor engaged saved 63-72%, on average twice the OA ventilation rate versus code, and overall, annual savings over 30% compared to the baseline with comfort zone maintained. The study can be accessed here.

Target Markets
Designed to cater to various sectors, the Climate Wizard Hybrid is ideal for many small to mid-size verticals including schools, restaurants, office, and health facilities. These environments will benefit from the system’s innovative features, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable atmosphere while significantly cutting energy costs.

Powerful Endorsement
“Seeley International is dedicated to pioneering sustainable climate control solutions. Our high-performance Climate Wizard Hybrid is a testament to our commitment to innovation, efficiency and building safer indoor environments, and we are excited to establish this technology in California. We recognize the challenges designers, engineers and facilities have when it comes to managing the dichotomy of reducing electricity consumption whilst simultaneously elevating larger volumes of fresh filtered air into the space, particularly on those warmer days; we do this very effectively and better than all other technologies on the market today, ” said John Fraser-Mifsud, President of Seeley International.

About Seeley International Americas
Headquartered in Denver, CO, Seeley International is a global leader in the design and manufacture of energy-efficient heating and cooling products. With a reputation for bold innovation and reliability, Seeley International has been delivering groundbreaking climate control solutions for over 50 years, improving the quality of life for millions of people worldwide.



The Hybrid by Climate Wizard

The Hybrid by Climate Wizard