Evaporative Air Conditioning Solutions

What is Evaporative Air Conditioning?

As the name suggests, an evaporative cooler uses evaporation to help cool the air. Based on the principles of evaporation, hot and dry outside air is pumped through water-soaked cooling pads. As the air is pushed through the cooling pads, the water evaporates and the heat in the air is absorbed, which lowers the air temperature. A fan then pushes the cool air throughout a house via a network of ducts.

Benefits of Evaporative Air Conditioning

There’s never been a better time to invest in an evaporative cooler which is simple to maintain and operate and offers superior product performance.  With energy prices escalating and the increasing demand on the constrained electricity grid, along with the hot African summers, evaporative cooling offers a significant and increasing edge on refrigerated air conditioning when it comes to energy efficiency, healthier air flow, performance, and lifestyle.

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One of the great advantages of an evaporative air conditioner is that doors and windows can be left open – which is great news for people with children and pets who like to frequently come in and out throughout the day. That convenience doesn’t have to compromise your home security because Security Relief Vents can be fitted into a ceiling – which means you can sleep easy with all your doors and windows locked while the system runs overnight. Fresh air is also a major benefit of evaporative air conditioning, supplying 100% fresh, cool, outside air, all while delivering superior energy efficiency compared to a refrigerated equivalent. It is the healthiest air conditioning for you and your family.

Minimise Load-Shedding Impact


You can run your Evaporative cooler on a small generator, UPS^ or solar,
whilst still powering other household appliances.
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Save up to 80% in running costs when compared to ducted refrigerated air conditioning!*

The Breezair Icon evaporative cooling range is a proven high performer. Enjoy the benefits of natural and energy efficient cooling with a premium ultra-quiet and energy-efficient Breezair Icon range.

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Introducing the Black Opal MINI-CELL^ CHILLCEL® Pads!

Our revolutionary Black OpalTM Mini-Cell^ Chillcel® pads have transformed the aesthetics of our coolers as they seamlessly blend into their surroundings; maintaining our global leading Mini-cell^ Chillcel® pad technology, which increases surface area of the pads by 25%, dramatically multiplying cooling capacity and efficiency – BEYOND BELIEF!



Using your MagIQtouch® Wi-Fi smart app**, you can monitor and modify your settings instantly. Syncing with the innovative MagIQtouch® next generation wall controller you can:

  • view the live status of your unit, turn the system on/off
  • adjust temperatures & fan speeds
  • fully control room zoning
  • Control temperature, fan speeds and zoning with your voice via smart apps like Amazon Alexa for your MagIQtouch® compatible appliances.** Voice commands are easy and simple to use like “Alexa, turn on my Cooler”.
  • Available for download now on iOS and Android

    More about Breezair

    Breezair™ by Seeley International® offers premium advanced technology and revolutionary design for fixed evaporative whole of home air conditioning products. With its patented technology and use of inverter technology, advanced water management and distribution system and superior Black Opal MINI-CELL^ CHILLCEL® pads for greater cooling capacity, Breezair evaporative coolers leads the world for rooftop evaporative air conditioning.

    Being the first corrosion-free, all-plastic rooftop evaporative air conditioner, Breezair is the market leader in Australia and still leads the world in evaporative cooling technology

    Breezair is produced by Australia’s largest and most awarded air conditioning manufacturer. 

    Top Sellers!

    Breezair Icon Evaporative Cooler

    Cool your whole home with this premium ultra-quiet and energy-efficient evaporative air conditioner
    Features include an ultra-quiet centrifugal fan and a super-efficient Hushpower® motor, exclusive to Breezair.

    Cooling capacity up to 14.5kW
    Airflow up to 2540L/s

    Breezair Evaporative Cooler

    This premium range delivers up to 13% more cooling when compared to Breezair Icon range.

    Cooling capacity up to 15.1kW
    Airflow up to 2540L/s
    Colours may vary. Heritage Green made to order.


    The Braemar Evolution Series uses leading edge technology to create the coldest ultra-low profile evaporative air conditioner.*** The seamless style and curved louvres blend into your roofline delivering a low profile, streamline and below the roof ridgeline look.

    Cooling capacity up to 13.2kW
    Airflow up to 2850L/s
    Colours may vary.

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    ^Conditions Apply

    *Seeley International’s calculation based on approximate running costs figures from publically sourced data. Comparison with 2 star not zoned ducted refrigerative system in a large size (220m2) 2-star pre 2005 house in a Melbourne climate, cooling all day on the weekend and in the morning and evenings when internal temperatures are high, and an electricity tariff of 31.9c/kWh. Water cost excluded.

    ** Requires MagIQtouch® Wi-Fi kit, compatible MagIQtouch® controller and MagIQtouch® account to operate.

    ***Braemar Evolution LPQI550 has the highest cooling capacity (kW), based on test results of all equivalent capacity sloped tank evaporative air conditioners, performed by a NATA accredited Meridian Test Laboratory, to the requirements of the Australian Standard AS2913-2000 Evaporative Air Conditioning Equipment.


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