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Riviera Boats selects AIRA heating and cooling for a complete HVAC solution

Since its inception in 1980, Riviera Boats has had a remarkable history of innovation and expansion. They trusted the dependability of Seeley International’s AIRA HVAC equipment when their cutting-edge, nine bay boat building plant in Coomera needed a heating and cooling solution.

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Riviera Boats has a remarkable history of innovation and growth since its inception in 1980. Starting with a single model, the company quickly expanded and relocated to the Gold Coast, Queensland, where it continued to thrive. Throughout the 1980s, Riviera introduced a dozen new boat models, gaining recognition and winning prestigious awards.

Under the leadership of Chairman Rodney Longhurst and CEO Wes Moxey, the company’s commitment to excellence remains steadfast. Today, Riviera stands as Australia’s premier luxury motor yacht builder, crafting five collections of enduring motor yachts loved by over 5,800 owners worldwide. When their state-of-the-art, nine bay boat building facility in Coomera required a heating and cooling solution they turned to the reliability of AIRA HVAC equipment from Seeley International.

The HVAC Challenge: Creating Ideal Worker Conditions

When Riviera’s state-of-the-art boat hull lamination shed required an HVAC solution, the mechanical contractor, Navaska, engaged Seeley International to provide a solution. The goal was to pre-condition outside air as make-up air, replacing the air extracted by the exhaust systems and ensuring a comfortable indoor environment with cooling in summer and heating in winter.

The high volume of exhaust air generated during the lamination process posed a challenge, as unconditioned air could lead to unbearable temperatures for workers. This made it necessary to condition the air efficiently to maintain worker comfort. To effectively condition this amount of air with a reverse cycle system, it would require high levels of electricity and an upgrade to the site’s power supply.


Solution: Year Round Climate Control

Seeley International’s solution for Riviera involved the installation of nine Evaporative Coolers, each delivering 13,000 L/s of conditioned air, coupled with nine high-capacity gas heaters. This combination ensured a total airflow of 117,000 L/s and a cooling capacity of 808 kW (Pre-cooling) to the building. The implemented system successfully provided a comfortable working environment for employees year-round.


Performance and Benefits: A Success Story

The solution provided by Seeley International achieved the following benefits for Riviera:

  • Energy Efficiency: The HVAC system boasted significantly lower energy consumption compared to equivalent rooftop package units.
  • Summer Supply Temperature: 25°C (@ ASHRAE 0.4% Design Conditions (DB/WB): 30.7/23.1°C)
  • Cost Effectiveness: The solution proved to be a fraction of the installation cost of the equivalent rooftop package units, or AHUs.
  • Safe working conditions: The AIRA units provid a comfortable and safe working environment for the occupants by providing a constant supply of 100% fresh outside air to replace the exhaust air extracted from the building, reducing VOC and CO2 levels.
  • Worker Comfort: Employees enjoy comfortable working conditions regardless of the weather, fostering a productive work environment year round.
  • Low Maintenance: The system requires minimal servicing, ensuring consistent performance without excessive upkeep.
  • Future Proof: The AIRA gas heating units are hydrogen-ready, ensuring that the system will continue to operate as Australia transitions into a renewable gas future.

Through the partnership with Seeley International, Riviera Boat Makers successfully integrated an innovative HVAC solution that not only met their specific needs but will contribute to their legacy of excellence, innovation, and commitment to quality well into the future.


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