Seeley International successful in National Industry PhD Program

Seeley International is proud to be a successful applicant in the Australian Government Department of Education’s National Industry PhD Program.

The program is part of a $296 million dollar investment by Australian Government to build a strong foundation of talented researchers skilled in university–industry collaboration.

In partnership with Flinders University and the College of Science and Engineering, our project is titled “The role of evaporative cooling systems in improving indoor air quality.” Our research aims to scientifically verify the ability of evaporative cooling systems to reduce the spread of airborne infectious disease. This information can result in improved indoor air quality and reduce the spread of diseases.

We extend a heartfelt congratulations to PhD Candidate Sonali Deshmukh, lead researcher on this exciting project, who will be overseen by Seeley International Engineer Patrick McCaffrey.

Sonali says,

“The HVAC industry’s greatest microbiological need is efficient management of indoor air quality (IAQ). Controlling microbial contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses, and moulds, is vital for occupant health and system performance. Implementing advanced technologies for microbial monitoring and preventive maintenance is essential. With the growing awareness of airborne pathogens and the impact on public health, addressing microbiological concerns in HVAC systems is crucial for creating safer and healthier indoor environments.”

In asking what she hopes to achieve through her research, Sonali says,

“Through systematic literature reviews and experiments, I seek to validate and expand upon existing research, ultimately enhancing our understanding of microbiology in HVAC systems. Indoor air quality is a significant issue that affects human health. Within the indoor environment, inadequate air ventilation is associated with increased risk of transmission of infectious diseases. This project will investigate the influence of evaporative cooling systems on indoor air quality and infection control. Specifically, this project will investigate the potential for CO2 to act as an indicator for indoor microbial air quality and the effect that evaporative cooling systems have on indoor microbial air quality and the potential to reduce the risk of disease transmission.”

This project is part of an ongoing commitment and significant investment in research and development at Seeley International. The outcomes will directly influence and drive the innovation of our evaporative technologies, which are exported to over 100 countries across the globe through our extensive distributor network, and supported by sales offices in the USA, UK, France, Italy, LATAM and South Africa.

At Seeley International, we ensure our actions meet our corporate vision – “to lead the world in creating climate control solutions which continue to be highly innovative, of premium quality and inspirational in their delivery of energy-efficiency”.

We look forward to sharing more about the project and the talented people involved, as it unfolds.

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