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Leading the way in the latest cooling technology

Using Micro-Core™ technology, Climate Wizard delivers the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for healthier homes everywhere!

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The Climate Wizard by Seeley International logo

The world’s most advanced cooling solution for a sustainable future

The Climate Wizard by Seeley International logo

The best air cooling technology on the planet for the planet!

The Climate Wizard brand is recognised for its commitment to innovation in climate control technology, offering solutions that prioritise sustainability and efficiency.

Cutting-edge Micro-CoreTM heat exchange technology was developed to provide hyper-efficient cooling of outside air. Energy consumption is greatly reduced compared to equivalent refrigerated systems, while always delivering 100% fresh air.

The brand offers a fresh alternative to reverse cycle air conditioning with two options; either as a combined heating and cooling system or as a stand-alone hyper-efficient cooling only solution; for homeowners wanting next generation energy-efficiency with sustainable credentials.

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