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Dual system, micro coreTM technology

Air conditioning for a healthier home

60% energy reduction

The world’s most advanced heating and cooling system for a sustainable future

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Why CW3?

“….fresh clean air, we really have noticed the difference.”

The CW3 Difference

The world’s most advanced heating and cooling system*

CW3 Micro-CoreTM by Seeley International is the fresh alternative to reverse cycle air conditioning and it offers two options; either as a combined heating and cooling system or as a stand-alone hyper-efficient cooling only solution; for home owners wanting next generation energy-efficiency with sustainable credentials.

Using the cutting-edge and patented Micro-CoreTM heat exchange technology to provide hyper-efficient cooling of outside air, the CW3 greatly reduces energy consumption compared to equivalent refrigerated systems, while always delivering 100% fresh air.

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Support sustainable living.
Save up to 60% in energy costs compared to reverse cycle.*
Responsible use of renewable resources
Uses the most environmentally friendly refrigerant on the planet – water!
Promote well-being
Continually replaces stale air with 100% fresh, healthy, filtered air in cooling mode.
Year-round comfort
Delivers the perfect balance so you never sweat or dehydrate – summer or winter.
Reduce carbon emissions
Up to 80% less CO2 emissions than with ducted reverse cycle.

How does Micro-coreTM technology work?

The secret to the hyper-efficient cooling in CW3 is the Micro-Core™ technology.

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1.The outdoor unit is positioned on the roof, delivering cool, fresh air through ducts into the home via small vents in the ceiling.
2.Warm air and any airborne particles are expelled out of the home through a return air vent into the ceiling, and is released to the atmosphere through the roof space, which means you can activate the system remotely while the house remains locked up. Alternatively, windows and doors can be opened to release the warm air and particles – it’s your choice.
3. The cooling system replaces the air inside your home with 100% fresh cool air up to 8 times an hour.
4. Micro-Core™ cooling. Made up of the primary heat exchanger and secondary cooling stage to deliver cool temperatures equivalent or better than refrigerated reverse cycle at a fraction of the cost.

MagIQtouch controller displaying temperature

WiFi Smart App

Control your cooling and heating needs wherever you are.