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The Coolair™ brand established itself in the late 1960s and has continued to have a solid presence in the evaporative cooling range by Seeley International to this day.

Offering an affordable evaporative cooling solution, Coolair™ allows all Australian home owners access to efficient and cost-effective whole of home cooling.

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Evaporative Cooling

Delivering 100% fresh, filtered outside air - the most healthy and energy efficient cooling for your home.

Coolair by Seeley International logo

The Coolair Story

Coolair is one of the pioneering brands of evaporative coolers, initially developed by Seeley International. Seeley Brothers, now known as Seeley International, began selling coolers back in the 1960s and during this time, the first Coolair evaporative rooftop cooler was introduced to the market.

Not long after Frank Seeley’s brother Cedric passed, Seeley Brothers ceased trading for a period of time and the Coolair brand was resurrected in 1979 by the company Anotron. During this time, Coolair products experienced an advancement in technology with new motor and pad design.

When Anotron decided to exit the manufacturing industry, in the 1990’s, the brand was sold back to Frank Seeley. Under the control of Seeley International, the Coolair range was redeveloped to incorporate the all-plastic, corrosion-free construction which Seeley had pioneered, but maintaining the ethos of the Coolair brand as affordable, effective cooling. The brand maintains a unique design from other Seeley International products and continues today with the CPL series sold throughout Australia.

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