What is Renewable Gas

November 11, 2022

One of our industry partners, Australian Gas Networks (AGN), are at the forefront of developing and introducing renewable hydrogen to Australian…


Australia’s Energy Transition To Zero Emissions

October 16, 2023

A lot of information has been published this year around the future of electricity generation from gas and the energy…

Renewable Hydrogen - the Swiss Army Knife of Decarbonisation

Renewable Hydrogen, The Swiss Army Knife of Decarbonisation

October 16, 2023

With nearly 70% of Australian homes connected to a natural gas network or bottled gas alternative, the move to clean,…


Natural Gas in Australia Today – Clean, Essential & Reliable

October 16, 2023

With almost 70% of Australian households using natural gas to cook delicious meals, warm living spaces and provide heated water…


The new Zoned Energy Rating Label

September 7, 2020

Energy rating labeling on air conditioners has taken a big leap forward, with the new Zoned Energy Rating Label (ZERL),…

Adiabatic Cooler

Adiabatic cooler and NET zero goals: the UK situation

November 3, 2020

Can adiabatic coolers contribute to a general gas emissions reduction in the UK? Last year the country became the first…

Quick registration vehicle testing centre Dubai (1)

Adiabatic cooling (evaporative cooling): typical applications in the UK

July 2, 2020

Adiabatic cooling is the most cost effective & environmentally friendly cooling solution in the world. Adiabatic cooling has many different…

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