World leading climate control solutions

High performance cooling, heating and ventilation for commercial and industrial applications


Hyper-efficient indirect and direct evaporative cooling. Delivering 100% fresh, cool outside air for commercial and industrial cooling applications.


High efficiency ducted gas heating and radiant tube heaters for a wide range of commercial and industrial heating applications. 


Fully integrated commercial HVAC solutions for diverse applications, including Braemar 6th Generation VRF and AIRA HCV.



Largest evaporative air conditioning contract in the world delivered by Seeley International

Pictured: Mina Tent City – Saudi Arabia

100% fresh, cool, outside air, with no added moisture

Seeley International’s advanced Climate Wizard Micro-coreTM technology can be packaged to deliver a total solution approach to your next commercial air conditioning project – offering cooling, heating and ventilation to provide year-round comfort for all types of applications.

The Climate Wizard’s unique indirect evaporative heat exchange core provides hyper-efficient cooling of outside air.

Generate 100% fresh, cool, outside air, at temperatures that rival refrigerated systems, with up to 80% lower energy costs compared to refrigerated systems performing the same duty.

That’s not only great for reducing power bills; it’s also great for the environment. And, no matter how hot it gets outside, The Climate Wizard uses the same amount of power and still delivers 100% fresh, cool air inside.

The Climate Wizard range



Climate Wizard has been widely adopted in the winery sector for many years, being used for climate control in barrel halls as well as tasting rooms, warehouses and bottling facilities.

Energy efficient heating for a wide range of commercial applications

Seeley International manufactures an extensive range of commercial gas heating solutions. Sold under the AIRA brand, the range consists of direct fired, indirect gas heaters and radiant tube heating with natural gas or LPG compatibility.

Produced by Australia’s largest and most awarded air conditioning manufacturer, AIRA provides economical, high performing and energy efficient solutions for a range of commercial heating applications

Hydrogen Ready

Seeley International has been working with leading industry authorities to ensure that our gas heating products are “hydrogen-ready”, meaning they will perform at their best using hydrogen blends to provide the same warmth and comfort that thousands of Australian businesses expect and have been experiencing every winter with AIRAH gas heaters. Learn more.

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