Commercial Combined Products

Hybrid Heating and Cooling System on Building Rooftop

Hybrid Heating and Cooling Systems

Built to purpose and standard high performance energy efficient solutions with heating, cooling, energy recovery and ventilation in a single unit, using a combination of technologies.

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Energy Recovery

Economical enthalpy and sensible heat exchange and heat recovery products that deliver improved air quality with in-ceiling and standard applications for refrigerated, reverse cycle and heating systems.

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Cooling and Heating Systems

A combination of heating, cooling and reverse cycle products designed into one system, delivering energy efficient solutions for a wide range of commercial applications.

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Supplementary Cooling Installation on Building Rooftop

Supplementary Cooling

Dramatically reduce energy consumption and cooling costs by incorporating indirect evaporative cooling technology with other HVAC systems.

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Optimise existing refrigerated air conditioning plant or gain efficient performance from new refrigerated equipment.

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Bespoke Solutions

Custom built solutions covering an exceptionally large range of flexible configurations for Commercial and Industrial HVAC systems.

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Office Space with Centralised Climate Control

Centralised Controllers

A selection of products for centrally controlling multiple units.

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Smart Controllers

Delivering intuition through predictive technology; the next generation of cooler control for indirect evaporative air conditioning products.

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Complete Systems Control

Control systems that are Modbus and BACnet compatible.

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