Energy Minister Chris Bowen announces Australia's Net Zero Authority

Push against gas to drive up emissions as transition authority unveiled

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Energy Minister Chris Bowen announces Australia's Net Zero Authority

Energy Minister Chris Bowen announcing Australia’s Net Zero Authority. Picture: Britta Campion. Source


The Australian government has unveiled plans for a new “net zero authority” to oversee the transition to renewable energy. The authority’s goals include supporting workers in emissions-intensive sectors to transition to new jobs, coordinating programs to attract and take advantage of new clean energy industries across the regions, and assisting investors and companies to harness net-zero transformation opportunities. The announcement has been welcomed by industry groups, unions, and regional communities as an important step towards reaching net zero emissions.

However, the nation’s largest air conditioning manufacturer, has criticised the government’s “obsession” with ending the use of gas in homes and businesses. He argues that the push to switch households off gas will increase emissions and put more stress on family budgets. Seeley states that “less gas equals more coal” as the electricity grid comes under pressure amid growing demand.

According to Jon Seeley, the Group Managing Director of Seeley International, “this relentless push to fully electrify our homes and businesses, despite the enormous cost to families, will put our already vulnerable energy grid under enormous pressure.” There will be severe consequences for the stability of the energy grid and a significant increase in emissions if five million homes that use gas daily are switched to the electricity grid.

“We know it’s in the nation’s interests for Australian industries in the regions to be investing in decarbonisation and, therefore, it is in the interests of the government to help,” he said.

In the midst of debates over the future of gas, Seeley International has already taken significant steps to transition towards a more sustainable future. The company has committed to ensuring its gas heaters are hydrogen ready, demonstrating its preparedness to embrace new technologies as they become available. Jon Seeley has also argued that the gas industry could play a vital role in the transition to renewables as it decarbonises its operations and distribution networks, increasingly blending in zero-emission fuel sources such as biomethane and green hydrogen. As the push towards renewables continues to gain momentum, it is clear that companies like Seeley International need to take proactive steps towards a more sustainable future.

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