High-capacity gas heaters

Energy efficient solutions for commercial applications

Gas Heating

Seeley International manufactures an extensive range of commercial gas heating solutions. Sold under the AIRA brand, the range consists of direct fired, indirect gas heaters and radiant tube heating with natural gas or LPG compatibility.

Produced by Australia’s largest and most awarded air conditioning manufacturer, AIRA provides economical, high performing and energy efficient solutions for a range of commercial heating applications. 

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Benefits of Gas Heating

Energy efficient heating for a wide range of commercial applications

Direct/Indirect Fired Gas heaters

Various units can be coupled with either industrial evaporative coolers, energy recovery systems and ventilation units to provide effective heating and cooling in a neat roof mounted system, making them ideal for projects where energy efficiency is a premium.

This direct fired duct furnace technology uses a stainless steel burner and is supplied with electronic ignition and On/Off or modulating flame control, complete with all fittings to comply with relevant codes for the installation of gas fired appliances. These heaters can be used internally or externally.

Infrared Radiant Tube heating

Infrared heating is very effective at heating people without the need to heat the ambient air.

AIRA Radiant tube heaters vary in length and are installed at height above the area requiring heat. It can also be fixed at an angle, on a wall or suspended and can be flued or unflued. There is no naked flame, the black ray tubing heats and reflects heat towards objects.

They are available as single linear tube, double linear and U-tube in a range of lengths and with aluminium or stainless steel reflectors. Ball guards can also be provided for protection for use in sports halls or gymnasiums.

Flexible installation options make radiant tube heaters ideal for workshops, showrooms, supermarkets, gymnasiums, cafes and restaurants.

AIRAH Gas Heating - Radial Tube Heating

Gas Heating Benefits

  • Total comfort with gas heating
  • Energy efficient heating solutions for large areas
  • High temperature output
  • Airflows of up to 21,000 L/s
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers and burners for durability
  • Australian designed, owned and made for Australian conditions
  • Compatible with AIRA evaporative coolers for year round climate solutions
  • Range of control options
  • Hydrogen-ready for a renewable and sustainable future

Gas Heating Applications

Gas heating has a wide range of commercial heating applications

Direct and Indirect gas fired heaters are typically used in a range of applications including factories, schools, recreational buildings, swimming pools, warehouses, spray booths, workshops, showrooms, horticulture and large open spaces. 

Education Facilities & Offices

Residential & Accommodation

Public & Government Facilities

Sport & Leisure Centres

Supermarket & Retail

Factories & Warehouses


Cafes & Restaurants

The AIRAH Gas Heating Range

From small cafes and restaurants to large warehouses and factories, Seeley International's range of AIRAH gas heaters have been designed to cover a wide range of commercial applications and industries.

Gas Heating Range


AIRA ATH radiant tube heaters are available as single linear tube, double linear and U-tube in a range of lengths and with aluminium or stainless steel reflectors. Ball guards can also be provided for protection for use in sports halls or gymnasiums.


23 to 188 kW capacity and up to 13,000 L/s airflow. The AIRA DDU/SD Series are energy-efficient and can be coupled with energy recovery systems making them an ideal choice for factories, warehouses, prisons, showrooms and schools.


28 to 94kW capacity and up to 2,400 L/s airflow.  The AIRA F Series is a compact, energy efficient, indirect gas-fired, suspended heater. Ideal for door curtains, recreational buildings, shops, workshops and showrooms.


100 to 732kW capacity and up to 21,000 L/s airflow. The AIRA GDH series can be coupled with evaporative coolers making them ideal for workshops, spray booths, factories, warehouses and showrooms.


23 to 140 kW capacity and up to 16,000 L/s airflow.  Energy efficient and lightweight units that combine gas heating with evaporative cooling. Flexible installation options make this unit ideal for factories, warehouses, hotels and clubs.

Hydrogen Ready

AIRAH gas heaters are hydrogen-ready for a renewable and sustainable future

The renewable gas future is here

Hydrogen, when used as a fuel, produces no carbon emissions and can be blended with or even replace the natural gas that is supplied to homes and businesses around Australia. Gas distributors are aiming to fully decarbonise their distribution networks by 2040 as a stretch target, with the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group aiming to deliver at least 10% renewable gas across its distribution networks by 2030 and 100% by no later than 2050.

Seeley International has been working with leading industry authorities to ensure that our gas heating products are “hydrogen-ready”, meaning they will perform at their best using hydrogen blends to provide the same warmth and comfort that thousands of Australian businesses expect and have been experiencing every winter with AIRAH gas heaters.

Read more about how green hydrogen is helping the transition to a cleaner energy future.

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Gas Heating Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Aira range of radiant tube heaters can be used both indoors and outdoors. We recommend speaking with our sales engineers to ensure all indoor air requirements are met with your heating needs. You can contact one of our Commercial sales engineers by clicking here.

Yes, our Aira products can be coupled with various technologies to provide a total climate control solution. It is best that you speak with one of our sales engineers to get the technical support needed to optimise the design of your system requirements. You can contact one of our Commercial sales engineers by clicking here.

Aira gas heater prices vary depending on the size of building, location and requirements. You need to speak with one of our sales engineers or an authorised Commercial contractor to get an accurate price for Commercial gas heating. You can contact one of our Commercial sales engineers by clicking here.

Seeley International’s commitment to a cleaner, greener future has shaped operations across our 50-year history. We continue to work with leading industry authorities and invest heavily in R&D to ensure our products are "hydrogen-ready" and ready now, to support the gas industry as it transitions to a greener future. Speak with our Commercial sales engineers for your specific hydrogen needs by clicking here.

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