Renewable Hydrogen, The Swiss Army Knife of Decarbonisation

October 16, 2023

Adopting Renewable Hydrogen to Replace Fossil Fuels

With nearly 70 per cent of Australian homes connected to a natural gas network or bottled gas alternative, the move to clean, renewable hydrogen is an important step in reducing carbon emissions.

Hydrogen, when used as a fuel, produces no carbon emissions and can be blended with or even replace natural gas that is supplied to homes around Australia. But hydrogen can also be used to replace fossil fuels in many industrial processes, including making plastic and steel, liquid fuels and even food production. For this reason, it’s been nicknamed “the Swiss Army Knife of fuels.”

Many experts and industry leaders, including Microsoft’s Bill Gates, are advocating for a faster adoption of hydrogen.

“The faster we make hydrogen fuels cheaper and more available, the sooner they can replace fossil fuels, and the more likely we are to avoid a climate disaster.”

Bill Gates

For more about the benefits and science behind the use of hydrogen view this recent blog post from Bill Gates.