100% fresh, outside air

High performance heating, cooling and ventilation for commercial solutions

Hybrid Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

Energy efficient and lightweight HCV/HCVR units that combine ducted gas heating with evaporative cooling for full fresh air or optional return air heating. Flexible installation options make this unit ideal for factories, warehouses, schools, gymnasiums, hotels, clubs and other commercial or industrial applications.

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Benefits of Hybrid Heating & Cooling

Energy efficient heating and cooling for a wide range of commercial applications

All in one unit – Heating, Cooling & Ventilation (HCV)

HCV units can be effectively set up with a range of options including easy to assemble adjustable galvanised roof stands, alternative location return air and specialised screens for areas with specific conditions such as bushfire prone areas.  HCV units can be installed on the roof or at ground level or even within plantrooms.

The modular system allows a large range of heating and cooling combinations or stand-alone options for the specifier and customer.

  • from 29 to 700 kW heating or 1,800 – 25,000 L/s airflow in cooling mode

This allows contractors and specifying engineers to tackle the challenges of delivering on the requirements of any HVAC project.

HCV - Heating Cooling and Ventilation for Commercial applications

HCV Benefits

  • Full fresh air (HCV) or optional return air heating (HCVR)
  • Modulating atmospheric gas burner with dual sensing (room and duct air outlet) for optimum temperature control
  • Heavy duty, marine grade aluminium cabinet
  • Heavy duty centre hung forward curve, belt drive blowers
  • Motorised outlet damper for low-speed cooling and heating
    Long-life stainless-steel heat exchanger
  • Improved indoor air quality (IAQ) with 100% outside air
    Fresh air heating
  • Cheaper to run and install than standard pressurised systems
  • Low maintenance and ease of service requirement

Hybrid Heating & Cooling Applications

Hybrid gas heating and evaporative cooling has a wide range of commercial cooling applications

Energy efficient and lightweight units that combine gas heating with evaporative cooling. Flexible installation options make this unit ideal for large open spaces including factories, warehouses, sporting facilities, hotels, education facilities, hotels and clubs. 


Hotels & Clubs

Education Facilities

Sport & Leisure Centres

Agriculture & Plant Propagation

Public & Government Facilities


Retail & Supermarket


From hotels and clubs to large warehouses and factories, Seeley International's range of AIRAH Heating, Cooling and Ventilation units have been designed to cover a wide range of commercial applications and industries.

AIRAH Heating, Cooling & Ventilation Range


23 to 140 kW capacity and up to 16,000 L/s airflow.  Energy efficient and lightweight units that combine gas heating with evaporative cooling. Flexible installation options make this unit ideal for factories, warehouses, hotels and clubs.

Hydrogen Ready

AIRAH gas heaters are hydrogen-ready for a renewable and sustainable future

The renewable gas future is here

Hydrogen, when used as a fuel, produces no carbon emissions and can be blended with or even replace the natural gas that is supplied to homes and businesses around Australia. Gas distributors are aiming to fully decarbonise their distribution networks by 2040 as a stretch target, with the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group aiming to deliver at least 10% renewable gas across its distribution networks by 2030 and 100% by no later than 2050.

Seeley International has been working with leading industry authorities to ensure that our gas heating products are “hydrogen-ready”, meaning they will perform at their best using hydrogen blends to provide the same warmth and comfort that thousands of Australian businesses expect and have been experiencing every winter with AIRAH gas heaters.

Read more about how green hydrogen is helping the transition to a cleaner energy future.

Australian Made

Harness the power of Australian Made

Built by Australians, for the Australian climate

Seeley International is proudly a 100% Australian owned company, designing and manufacturing world-leading air conditioning products for Australia and the world. As Australia’s largest air conditioning manufacturer, we are a global leader in developing ingenious, energy-efficient cooling and heating products.

Being made in Australia, you can rely on build quality, availability of parts and after sales service. We’re extremely passionate, and dedicated to strengthening the Australian economy, supporting local employment and building on the skills of our workforce.

Seeley International Production Operator working with machinery

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HCV Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Aira products can be coupled with various technologies to provide a total climate control solution. It is best that you speak with one of our sales engineers to get the technical support needed to optimise the design of your system requirements. You can contact one of our Commercial sales engineers by clicking here.

Aira gas heater prices vary depending on the size of building, location and requirements. You need to speak with one of our sales engineers or an authorised Commercial contractor to get an accurate price for Commercial gas heating. You can contact one of our Commercial sales engineers by clicking here.

Seeley International’s commitment to a cleaner, greener future has shaped operations across our 50-year history. We continue to work with leading industry authorities and invest heavily in R&D to ensure our products are "hydrogen-ready" and ready now, to support the gas industry as it transitions to a greener future. Speak with our Commercial sales engineers for your specific hydrogen needs by clicking here.

View more Frequently Asked Questions here.