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Evaporative and Indirect Evaporative Cooling – Commercial HVAC Applications

There are many HVAC applications for our market leading cooling technologies, including spot cooling in manufacturing, critical temperature control for pharmaceutical, food manufacturing and wine making, through to large open spaces in warehouses, offices and restaurants. There is solution for many HVAC applications.

Indirect Evaporative Cooling – Benefits for Commercial Buildings

Climate Wizard Indirect Evaporative Cooling technology and its many benefits compared to traditional commercial air conditioning systems for cooling commercial and industrial spaces. Hyper-efficient low energy use, improved indoor air quality and low capital costs from minimising electrical upgrades are some of these benefits.

Evaporative Cooling – Benefits for Commercial Buildings

Direct Evaporative Cooling technology and its benefits for cooling commercial and industrial spaces.

Evaporative Cooling – How it Works

Direct Evaporative Cooling technology and how it works, detailing its world class design and superior cooling performance for commercial and industrial spaces.

Indirect Evaporative Cooling – How it Works

Climate Wizard Indirect Evaporative Cooling technology and how it works, detailing its patented counter flow heat exchanger that delivers world class hyper-efficient dew point cooling, fresh air ventilation and climate control for commercial and industrial spaces.

Climate Wizard Testimonial: Dutoit "Cherry Time" - South Africa

With over 120 years of experience producing high quality fruit and vegetables in South Africa, Dutoit Agri required a robust cooling solution for their cherry packaging plant. Maintaining low temperatures and stable humidity levels is important for the quality and freshness of the fruit while it travels through the processing plant.

Climate Wizard - Basketball SA, Wayville Stadium Installation

The brand-new, state of the art basketball stadium in Wayville, South Australia, is set to open this year, with construction well underway. As part of Seeley International’s Corporate & Building Partner agreement with Basketball SA, eight Climate Wizard indirect evaporative coolers were installed on site last month.

Climate Wizard Testimonial: WCB Farming - South Africa

WCB Farms is situated in the Western Cape, South Africa, and produces premium-quality table grapes from its 43 hectares of farmland. A recent expansion saw the building of a new packing facility equipped with Seeley International’s Climate Wizard indirect evaporative coolers.

Climate Wizard Testimonial: The Adelaide Central Market - South Australia

With over 70 stalls housed within an 8,000 square metre open-area, the historic Adelaide Central Market needed an adaptive solution for fresh air and cooling.

Climate Wizard CW-P15 Testimonial: Sparkke & The Whitmore - South Australia

A recent renovation included the addition of the rooftop bar, an upstairs function area and downstairs an in-house nanobrewery with beer garden. With half of the venue heritage listed it was vital that characteristic and charm remained, while implementing major environmental enhancements to all areas of the pub, including water, light, power and access for all people.

Climate Wizard CW-6S Testimonial: Sailmaster Tavern – South Australia

The recent renovations of the Sailmaster Tavern included the installation of four Climate Wizard CW-6S air conditioning units. A cooling solution was required that could provide a constant and comfortable temperature to the dining area, unaffected by external doors remaining open during operating hours in the warmer months – the type of application that Climate Wizard is ideally suited for!

Climate Wizard CW-6S Testimonial: AJ Baker – South Australia

AJ Baker required an energy-efficient air conditioning solution for their 2,000 square metre manufacturing facility in South Australia. Choosing Climate Wizard CW-6S allowed them to provide a cool and comfortable environment for their workers, improving productivity and staff well being. AJ Baker are also benefiting increased energy efficiency and cost savings.

Seeley International Delivers Largest Air Conditioning Contract in the World

Seeley International has successfully completed the world’s largest order for evaporative air conditioners, resulting in more than 46,500 Australian-made Breezair air conditioners being installed in a permanent tent city in the Mina Valley, Saudi Arabia.

Climate Wizard presented by UC Davis' Western Cooling Efficiency Centre

UC Davis presents Climate Wizard by Seeley International, Indirect Evaporative Cooling technology and it’s hyper-efficient benefits for cooling commercial and industrial spaces.


Barossa Valley Estate Barrel Hall Climate Control

Climate Wizard controls temperature and humidity levels for wineries

Climate Wizard CW P15

Discover how Climate Wizard CWP-15 works along with its key advantages.

Climate Wizard on CBS13 News

Climate Wizard ‘New kind of cool’ explained on CBS13 News in America.

Australia By Design S1E02 Climate Wizard Episode

See how Climate Wizard was a Good Design Award winner and a Finalist in the Australia By Design Awards TV series.

Climate Wizard Cools University Of Adelaide Student Hub

Adelaide University installs Climate Wizard in the Student Learning Hub, delivering fresh, cool air to thousands of students on a daily basis.

WISA Engineering Award Finalist for Seeley International

Seeley International awarded a finalist in the Wine Industry Suppliers Association Awards for 2018 for it’s ingenious Smart Controller and productivity benefits for wineries.

Perfection in the air - Climate Wizard hyper-efficient cooling

Climate Wizard delivers perfection in the air for maturing wine. It is a solution to maintaining a controlled level of temperature and humidity – at very low operating costs

Seeley International HVAC Event - Jonathan Woolley Presentation

Jonathan Woolley from the University of California, is an international expert for commercial HVAC and cooling efficiency technology. He has researched and field tested every significant HVAC cooling product. See his presentation.

CBS10 News Tritool Story

Joel Walton told CBS News that at first, he could not believe that Climate Wizard would cut cooling costs by 80%. For a large manufacturing facility, that type of energy cost saving would be breathtaking. See what happens when Climate Wizard is installed.

Indirect Evaporative Cooling | Seeley International

See why HVAC engineers are specifying Climate Wizard.