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Gas Heating

Aira DU/SD Series Gas Heaters

23 to 188 kW capacity and up to 13,000 L/s airflow. The AIRA DDU/SD Series are energy-efficient and can be coupled with energy recovery systems making them an ideal choice for factories, warehouses, prisons, showrooms and schools.

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Aira GDH Series Direct Fired Duct Gas Heaters

100 to 732kW capacity and up to 21,000 L/s airflow. The AIRA GDH series can be coupled with evaporative coolers making them ideal for workshops, spray booths, factories, warehouses and showrooms.

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Aira HCV/HCVR Series Combined Evaporative Cooler & Gas Heaters

23 to 140 kW capacity and up to 16,000 L/s airflow.  Energy efficient and lightweight units that combine gas heating with evaporative cooling. Flexible installation options make this unit ideal for factories, warehouses, hotels and clubs.

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