Achieving target storage temperature, humidity and energy savings

There are many challenges faced in international wine markets. The following can attribute to an increase in cost of production and can have an impact on the quality of the final product:

  • Resilience of and ability to respond to extreme weather events
  • Energy efficient temperature control in hot climates
  • Control of humidity in barrel halls with dry conditions
  • Improving product quality and value in markets faced with changing climatic conditions

These issues contribute to product quality and its market value as well as the loss of wine through the production and maturation process. Collectively affecting operational costs, return on investment and bottom line profit.

The loss of wine can be as high as ten percent depending on the conditions in the cellar (temperature and humidity), and the length of time the wine is stored in the barrel. To manage this evaporation loss and to maintain wine quality by minimising the ullage in the barrel, the lost volume is regularly replaced or topped up with wine of similar quality, which adds a significant cost to production.

Proven performance

Climate Wizard achieves even greater cooling capacity by adding a specially designed direct evaporative stage after the indirect heat exchanger. By using this technique, the very low supply temperatures achieved by the indirect heat exchanger are further cooled with required moisture being added to the supply air.

Climate Wizard’s ability to provide the necessary cooling performance at a very low operating cost is due to the fact that it uses no mechanical compressors or harmful refrigerants. This in turn makes it the natural choice for cooling winery barrel halls, bottling facilities, tasting rooms and other spaces related to the production process.