HVAC Case Study
Sparkke @ The Whitmore

Adelaide -
South Australia -

Sustainable pub leading the way for the hospitality industry

Sparkke at the Whitmore is Australia’s first female founded and led brew pub, boasting a generous rooftop bar and alfresco dining.

The Whitmore is driven by their inspirational values – ensuring everyone can expect a warm, safe welcoming experience with a passion of excellence being clearly visible. Combining food and beverage options, events and artists, Sparkke at the Whitmore is a standout award winning venue.

A recent renovation included the addition of the rooftop bar, an upstairs function area and downstairs an in-house nanobrewery with beer garden. With half of the venue heritage listed it was vital that characteristic and charm remained, while implementing major environmental enhancements to all areas of the pub, including water, light, power and access for all people.

Objectives & Challenges

  • Maintain comfort conditions in the front bar dining room at a space temperature of 24-27° degrees Celsius.
  • Provide a cooling system that was energy efficient and one which reduced peak demand.
  • Minimise the required electrical infrastructure on-site.
  • Provide fresh outside air and ventilation for 300 occupants at 7.5 – 10 Litres per second per occupant.
  • Positively pressurise the space to stop outside air infiltration in the dining room front bar.

In line with the venue’s philosophies, co-owners Kari Allen and Rose Kentish, wanted a sustainable cooling solution that would introduce fresh outside air through the building, maintaining comfort conditions for up to 300 occupants.

Maintaining the aesthetics of the heritage listed building presented a challenge, amongst others:

  • As the building has a roof top bar, there was limited space to install the two CW-P15 air conditioning units.
  • The CW-P15 units needed to be installed on a platform on Level 1.
  • Due to the placement of the units, above the open-air beer garden, a quiet solution was required.
  • Minimal electrical infrastructure


After an extensive evaluation and selection process, Climate Wizard air conditioning technology was selected by the owners, as the most efficient solution.

2x Climate Wizard P15 units were installed, with a spiral duct running along the interior of the building. This added to the aesthetics of the building whilst also providing a solution for the limited installation space. The smaller footprint of the CWP15 units allowed for placement on the small area of roof space that remained out of sight.

The larger open areas in the space had to be positively pressurized while minimising energy consumption. This presented another challenge due to the doors opening to rooftop bar and beer garden. Fortunately, Climate Wizard thrives in this sort of environment and this issue was quickly resolved, distributing air evenly throughout the dining and bar areas which is then relieved into the outdoor entertainment area.



  • Adelaide Design Conditions: 37.7 °C DB, 19.0 °C WB
  • Supplies air at 17.1 °C.
  • Total standalone cooling capacity: 28.0 Kw (14.0 kW per unit)
  • COP: 7.8
  • 2,200 L/s of conditioned OA.




The client is extremely happy with the final result and the cool air temperatures and comfort levels that the CW units are delivering. They have also noted that the CW units’ energy savings and low emissions have supported the launch of their first carbon neutral beer.

“Climate Wizards ability to be 80% more efficient than traditional air conditioning is really appealing, because not only does it save us money, but it reduces our carbon outputs, so it ticks all the boxes that we have as a company – cost effective, sustainable and really efficient and effective as a cooling unit”

“I think its pretty well understood that hospitality is facing a huge number of challenges post-covid, if for no other reason than simple cost efficiencies, that come from the energy efficiency and the performance of the unit, we’d encourage all other hospitality venues to take a look at this system.”

Kari Allen
Co-Founder – Sparkke Beverage Company



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