HVAC Case Study
Winmalee High School

Winmalee -
New South Wales -

Significantly reduced running costs (up to 80%) with improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) supporting student and staff well-being

Project Requirements

Provide a cooling solution to the school’s main Hall/Gymnasium that:

  • Meets outdoor air requirements to AS 1668 part 2 for large volumes of people
  • 100% Heat/Cool reclaim
  • Accommodates existing power infrastructure
  • Delivers specified temperature and comfort levels in periods of peak load.


The project’s main pressure points centred around:

  • Mains power board had limitations of electrical capacity for additional cooling requirements
  • Sub-board had limitations of power available
  • Sizing of an air conditioning packaged system required 140kW total of cooling for the space, plus a 100% Heat/Cool Reclaim System. A proposed upgrade to the sub-board would add significant cost to the project.


The Climate Wizard CW-80 is rated at 100 kW Sensible Cooling under local design conditions. This allowed it to service the space and satisfy all project requirements.

The building did not require heating and was more cost effective to not only provide the Outdoor Air requirements, but Free Cooling as well. Climate Wizard was well placed to cater for these requirements.

The main power supply to the Climate Wizard only had to accommodate a 10kW load, not the 60kW load for the Air Conditioning Packaged (DX) System. This meant the power sub-board did not need upgrading, saving much needed funds for the school.


Since the installation and commissioning of the CW-80, the school has experienced the following benefits:

  • Significantly reduced running costs (up to 80%) to cool the space compared to an equivalent reverse cycle system
  • Temperatures and comfort levels similar to reverse cycle systems, with cooling performance increasing as temperatures rise
  • Supporting student and staff well-being – improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as 100% outside air is cooled and supplied to the space
  • Contributing to reducing the school’s carbon footprint, supporting public infrastructure green building requirements
  • Exceeds minimum O/A requirements from Australian Standard AS1668.2.

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