Braemar Floor Ceiling Type Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

  • Universal low wall or under ceiling flexible installation options.
  • Low wall console unit
  • Elegant and discreet front panel blends in well with interior decor.
  • Anti-freezing protection, fan motor built-in overload protection, temperature sensor error protection.
  • 3D airflow, vertical and horizontal motorised louvres for comfortably even temperature and air distribution.
  • All motors adopt energy-efficient DC inverter technology.
  • CAN Bus communication technology allows for system response speed to be faster and for communication to be more reliable.
Braemar Floor Ceiling Type Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner
Model Cooling (kW) Heating (kW) Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz)
MUHX028D1S 2.8 3.2 220-240/1/50
MUHX036D1S 3.6 4.0 220-240/1/50
MUHX050D1S 5.0 5.6 220-240/1/50
MUHX063D1S 6.3 7.1 220-240/1/50
MUHX071D1S 7.1 8.0 220-240/1/50
MUHX090D1S 9.0 10.0 220-240/1/50
MUHX112D1S 11.2 12.5 220-240/1/50
MUHX125D1S 12.5 14.0 220-240/1/50
MUHX140D1S 14.0 16.0 220-240/1/50

Note: specifications subject to change.

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