Braemar High Static Pressure, Duct Type Indoor Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

  • Static pressure can be adjusted from 50Pa to a massive 200Pa by utilising a DC indoor fan motor.
  • DC brushless motor which improves efficiency by over 30% when compared with a common motor.
  • Anti-freezing protection, fan motor overload protection, temperature sensor malfunction protection.
  • Comes standard with a condensate pump* (water height difference up to 1.0m), which can effectively drain out condensing water and save space.
  • Convenient installation can be suspended on hanging bracket supplied or can sit on a platform.
  • All motors adopt energy-efficient DC inverter technology.
  • CAN Bus communication technology allows for system response speed to be faster and for communication to be more reliable.
Braemar High Static Pressure, Duct Type Indoor Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner
Model Cooling (kW) Heating (kW) Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz)
MDHX056D1H 5.6 6.3 220-240/1/50
MDHX063D1H 6.3 7.1 220-240/1/50
MDHX071D1H 7.1 8.0 220-240/1/50
MDHX080D1H 8.0 9.0 220-240/1/50
MDHX090D1H 9.0 10.0 220-240/1/50
MDHX100D1H 10.0 11.2 220-240/1/50
MDHX112D1H 11.2 12.5 220-240/1/50
MDHX125D1H 12.5 14.0 220-240/1/50
MDHX140D1H 14.0 16.0 220-240/1/50
MDHX160D1H 16.0 17.0 220-240/1/50
MDHX224D1H 22.4 25.0 220-240/1/50
MDHX280D1H 28.0 31.0 220-240/1/50

Note: specifications subject to change.

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