Braemar Wall-Mounted Inverter Split System

  • Motorised vertical louvres, up-down airflow for comfortably even temperature and air distribution.
  • Mildew-proof filter with electrostatic and anti-biotic fibre removes dust, smell, bacteria and mildew.
  • The system is designed to prevent blowing cold air in the heating mode.
  • Anti-freezing protection, fan motor built-in overload protection, temperature sensor error protection.
  • Energy-efficient DC inverter motor.
  • CAN+ communication technology allows for system response speed to be faster and for communication to be more reliable.
  • Capacity range 2.2kw to 10kw.
Braemar Wall-Mounted Inverter Split System
Model Cooling (kW) Heating (kW) Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz)
MSHX022D1L 2.2 2.5 220-240/1/50
MSHX028D1L 2.8 3.2 220-240/1/50
MSHX036D1L 3.6 4.0 220-240/1/50
MSHX045D1L 4.5 5.0 220-240/1/50
MSHX050D1L 5.0 5.6 220-240/1/50
MSHX056D1L 5.6 6.3 220-240/1/50
MSHX063D1L 6.3 7.1 220-240/1/50
MSHX071D1L 7.1 7.5 220-240/1/50

Note: specifications subject to change.

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