Climate Wizard CW-80S Indirect/Direct Evaporative Cooler

The CW-80S Supercool is designed to maintain precise temperature and humidity levels. Ideal for cooling commercial and industrial large open spaces where the moisture content can be fine-tuned to specifications, required for different applications, from data centres, printing, wineries, food manufacturing. The Climate Wizard CW-80S indirect/direct evaporative air conditioner uses a hyper-efficient counter-flow heat exchanger to product 100% fresh, cool, outside air.

Available in Standard Capacity and High Capacity variations.

  • Stainless steel structure- weather proof and corrosion resistant
  • High efficiency fan motors
  • Polymer water containment
  • Factory installed BMS interface
  • Proven water management system
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Low noise level
  • Optional BACnet interface
  • Compatible with Multi-Magic control system
The Climate Wizard CW-80S
Climate Wizard CW-80S Indirect/Direct Evaporative Cooler
Model Nominal Cooling Capacity Rated Airflow Operating Weight (kg)
CW-80S 186 kW** 7,100 L/s (23,040 m³/h) at 180 Pa external static pressure 2850
CW-80S High Capacity 214 kW** 8,200 L/s (29,500 m³/h) at 240 Pa external static pressure 2850

Note: specifications subject to change.

**Temperature data from field measurements.

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