Logan Regional Hospital – Utah

United States of America

Logan Regional Hospital saves 90% in cooling costs


Logan Regional Hospital was looking for a more efficient way to cool and ventilate its surgical room, which required a constant change-over of fresh and filtered air.


The hospital installed eight M50s to precool and freshen the air that enters the surgical room and post operation area. The M50s house Coolerado’s patented HMX (heat and mass exchanger) that uses a thermodynamic cycle to produce unprecedented air temperature reductions. The air conditioners are also uniquely designed to provide remarkable ventilation.

Unlike conventional air conditioners that simply recycle stale inside air, our systems use 100% fresh outside air that’s filtered before it’s cooled. That means fewer germs and less dust, pollen, and allergens. Today, Logan Regional Hospital is enjoying a comfortably cool and fresh surgical room and a 90% savings on energy costs. That translates to a return on investment in less than three years.

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