Natural Gas in Australia Today – Clean, Essential & Reliable

October 16, 2023

Why Natural Gas is an Important Energy Source

With almost 70% of Australian households using natural gas to cook delicious meals, warm living spaces and provide heated water for showers, it has become an essential and well-loved energy source in our modern lifestyle. Gas is a reliable fuel which produces a very low level of greenhouse gas emissions, being more environmentally friendly than other fossil fuel sources such as coal.

Our gas infrastructure

When it comes to storage, our current gas infrastructure can store the equivalent of 6 billion Powerwall batteries. These batteries (used for solar energy storage) have a considerable environmental impact due to the mining of lithium and the disposal of expended batteries. Considering this, the gas infrastructure presents itself as a much greener option for energy storage.

Transition to greener energy

However, as we move towards using greener, renewable and more reliable energy, energy companies are looking at ways to transition existing gas infrastructure to supply energy such as hydrogen. Hydrogen when used as a fuel, produces no carbon emissions and can be blended with or even replace natural gas that is supplied to homes around Australia. Using hydrogen as a natural gas substitute is also a more economical option than full electrification and decommissioning the gas network.

At Seeley International, we continue to provide gas heating products to customers all over Australia whilst working with leading industry authorities to ensure our products are “hydrogen-ready”. We also look forward to supporting the gas industry as it transitions to a greener future.

*Data has been sourced from the ENA Gas Vision 2050 document.

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Natural Gas in Australia Today