Braemar Airvolution™ Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Wall mounted split system air conditioning

The ideal solution to cool or heat just one area or room of the home or office

Braemar Airvolution™ split systems come in 5 capacities, to efficiently cool or heat any room – from the study to large open plan living spaces. Inverter technology, standard across the range, helps to reduce energy consumption, so you can relax in comfort all year round.

Split systems are a cost effective way to heat and cool one room in your home. The Braemar range comes in a number of capacities, to suit small studies, right up to large open plan living spaces. Installation costs are generally much lower than for ducted systems, making split systems an attractive choice for budget conscious home owners who still want efficient, quick heating and cooling in single rooms, to large spaces.

The Airvolution™ series also has the new Zoned Energy Rating Label (ZERL). This helps consumers to make a more energy efficient choice based on the unit’s performance in their location’s climate.

For more information on ZERL and how to read the label, please visit:

Indoor Units
  • Standard white finish for contemporary look.
  • Available in 5 sizes for domestic and
    commercial use. Unit can be installed in small homes
    and large spaces.
  • Dry connection available for gate-card or
    remote on/off, great for schools or hotels.
  • Anti-corrosion coating on printed circuit boards
    to protect electronics.
Braemar Airvolution Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Indoor Unit
Braemar Airvolution Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit
Outdoor Units
  • Flexible outdoor placement long pipe runs (up to 25m)
  • Gold fin advanced protection from the elements
  • Slim design allows more flexibility in placing outdoor units
  • Dred demand response enabled device capability is standard
  • R32 refrigerant high efficiency


Braemar Airvolution Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner ControllerAirvolution Controller

Braemar Airvolution split system WIFI control EWPE Smart phone app

low noise, even at full capacity


to multi split air conditioning

I Feel Mode

room temperature controlled exactly where it is required


Auto Restart

R32 Refridgerant

high efficiency, less risk of harm to the environment*

5 Year Comprehensive Warranty

Quality that lasts – 5 year comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty