Zone Controller

Zone Controller for Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

Smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive, Braemar Zone Control makes operating your Braemar air conditioner so simple. The discreet and modern design will blend seamlessly into the decor of your home.

Main Features

Touch screen

All functions and operations are only a touch away with the easily navigated interface.

Program mode

Programmable daily, weekly or 2 weekly, 8 time-period program, customisable to suit your lifestyle.

Convenient control

Activate or deactivate zone heating and cooling at the RF remote sensor or at the Braemar zone control.

Useful settings

Access features such as child lock, quiet mode and servicing information.

Zone your home

Switch between zones in your home and control the settings in each zone. Save on running costs by switching zones off.1 Up to 8 zones2, with or without individual zone temperature sensing and control.

RF control

Radio Frequency remote sensors for ease of installation.

Wi-Fi Smart App

Control your heating and cooling comfort needs directly from your mobile device! For example, turn on the heating cycle wherever you are, ensuring you come home to a warm home on those cold winter days. The EWPE smart app is free and available for download on your smartphone.
Note: Wi-Fi module sold separately

Reverse Cycle Zoning Graphic

This diagram is for illustration purposes only. Zoning is subject to individual house design.

  • Control 4 to 82 zones with individual temperature control.
  • Set different temperatures for each zone.
  • Ability to turn zones on and off, at the RF remote sensor, or, at the wired wall control.
  • Total control with up to 8 time schedules per zone per day.
  • Each zone can be both temperature and time schedule controlled.
  • Prevent excessive power bills by setting “SAVE” function. This function limits the upper and lower temperature settings.
  • Optional additional subsidiary wired wall control can be purchased to allow two access points to your zone system.
  • “I Demand” function limits the power input to 75% to assist with reducing energy bills.
  • “X-Fan” function allows the indoor fan to continue after the system has been switched off in cooling mode, this helps dry the indoor heat exchanger.
  • Optional Wi-Fi control module.
  1. Zoning is an optional extra. Additional costs apply.
  2. Braemar zone control kit comes standard for a 4 zone system. This kit can be expanded to 8 zones with the purchase of additional RF remote sensors.

Note: Braemar zone control matches with our latest R32 single phase KDHV series and R410A SDHV series, both single phase and three phase. Some zones can be operated without the RF remote sensor however a minimum of one sensor is required for the system because wired wall control does not have an “on board” sensor.