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Climate Wizard CW3 Micro-Core™ Cooling Technology

The Climate Wizard CW3 is unique. It delivers convenient cooling, remarkable energy-efficiency, automated year-round indoor air comfort, with superb functional and sustainable design. The CW3 offers a stand-alone hyper-efficient cooling only solution; for home owners wanting next generation energy-efficiency.

Using the cutting-edge and patented Micro-Core™ heat exchange technology to provide hyper-efficient cooling of outside air, the CW3 greatly reduces energy consumption compared to equivalent refrigerated air conditioning systems, while always delivering 100% fresh air.

Australian designed, Australian made and Australian owned.

Benefits of Micro-Core™ Cooling

Indoor Comfort & Outdoor Lifestyle

The CW3 uses Micro-Core™ technology to deliver hyper-efficient cooling at incredibly low temperatures; you can keep the windows and doors closed for security, or open for alfresco living!

Good health and well-being

Clean fresh air for healthy indoor environments, delivers 100% filtered fresh air continuously in cooling mode.

Lower carbon emissions

Makes low carbon living easier, as it uses up to 85% less power than ducted reverse cycle when in cooling mode1.

Comfortable indoor air

Whether you prefer summer or winter, you’ll always have comfortable indoor air in your home that doesn’t dry out your skin.

Energy-efficiency & Sustainable

Delivers up to 85% reduction in energy costs compared to ducted reverse cycle for cooling only and up to 60% reduction in energy costs for heating and cooling combined2.

Micro-Core™ Technology

Micro-CoreTM heat exchange technology. The secret to hyper-efficient cooling.

  1. The outdoor unit is positioned on the roof, delivering cool, fresh air through ducts into the home via small vents in the ceiling.
  2. Warm air and any airborne particles are expelled out of the home through a return air vent into the ceiling, and is released to the atmosphere through the roof space, which means you can activate the system remotely while the house remains locked up.  Alternatively, windows and doors can be opened to release the warm air and particles – it’s your choice.
  3. The cooling system replaces the air inside your home with 100% fresh cool air up to 8 times an hour.
  4. Micro-Core™ cooling. Made up of the primary heat exchanger and secondary cooling stage to deliver cool temperatures equivalent or better than refrigerated reverse cycle at a fraction of the cost.

The outdoor unit is positioned on the roof, delivering cool air through ducts into the home via small vents in the ceiling. Warm air is expelled out of the home through a return air vent into the ceiling, and is released to atmosphere through the roof space, or, alternatively, windows and doors can be opened to release the warm air – it’s your choice. The cooling system replaces the air inside your home with 100% fresh cool air 8 times an hour.

Harness the power of Safer-AirTM

Australians spend between 80 to 100% of their time indoors, either at work or at home2, which demonstrates how important Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is. Exposure to poor air quality for extended periods can lead to severe health problems.

IAQ and ventilation is a high priority for buildings and work spaces under the building code, so it should also be taken seriously in the home environment, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of you and your family!

Australian Made

Harness the power of Australian Made

Built by Australians, for the Australian climate

Seeley International is proudly a 100% Australian owned company, designing and manufacturing world-leading air conditioning products for Australia and the world. As Australia’s largest air conditioning manufacturer, we are a global leader in developing ingenious, energy-efficient cooling and heating products.

Being made in Australia, you can rely on build quality, availability of parts and after sales service. We’re extremely passionate, and dedicated to strengthening the Australian economy, supporting local employment and building on the skills of our workforce.

Seeley International Production Operator working with machinery

Controllers and Smart Home Integration

Next Generation Controller

Advanced MagIQtouch® next generation smart controller. Easy to use, intuitive touch screen control.

Control your cooling and heating comfort needs from one smart touch screen.

MagIQtouch Climate Controller displaying temperature

Smart Home Integration

Control your cooling and heating directly from your pocket or with your voice via smart apps like Google Assistant.

Control temperature, fan speeds and zoning with your voice via smart apps.

Google Home Magiqtouch App on Mobile Phone


See what our Customers and Builders are saying about CW3 Micro-Core™ technology 

Vogue Constructions (Canberra, ACT)

Andrew Boyne – Western Architecture Studio
(Perth, WA)

With increased extreme heat events in Perth, an air conditioning system was a necessary addition to  our low-energy house. The climate wizard is the perfect solution. We are able to keep indoor air temperatures around 23 degrees on 40+ days, while using no more energy than a TV, and because the unit doesn’t need to recirculate, we get this performance with only 100% fresh air, and even while keeping our windows open.

The assembly of the unit is ingenious. It can be broken down into components for easy service with only clips bands. Not a single screw needs to be removed.

We couldn’t be happier with the CW-3. It has made out house pleasant to live in and healthier to occupy. Combined with solar panels, we never have to worry about the financial or environmental costs of cooling the house. It is an amazing piece of technology.

Andrew Boyne Architect

Other Cooling Options

Braemar Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning 

Braemar reverse cycle air conditioning offers many options including split system, multi split and ducted to provide an economical climate control solution to cool
(or heat) either one room or your entire home.  

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*Seeley International’s calculations, based on publicly sourced running cost figures.

#Compared to refrigerated systems performing the same duty

^Requires MagIQtouch® wall control, MagIQtouch® Wi-Fi smart kit and MagIQtouch® account to operate. Requires Wi-Fi, Google or Amazon Account and a compatible device. Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC.

  1. This is an estimate based on the CO2 calculation above and using the data from, ‘Carbon and its storage in forest and wood products’ article, published 2011. Calculation based on a spotted gum tree that sequestrates 72kg CO2/YR.
  2. Seeley International’s calculation based on approximate running cost figures from publicly sourced data. Comparison with 1.5 star not zoned ducted refrigerative system in a large size (220m2) 2-star pre 2005 house in a Melbourne climate, cooling all day on the weekend and in the mornings and evenings when internal temperatures are high, and an electricity tariff of 31.9c/kWh. Negligible water cost excluded.
  3. Source: Healthy Indoor Environments (2023).