Braemar Ecostar® 7 Star Ducted Gas Heaters

The world’s most energy efficient conventional ducted gas heaters.  Boasting Australia’s first and only inverter motor for ducted gas heating. Installing a Braemar 7 star equivalent ducted gas heater instead of a 3 star ducted gas heat will save approximately $577 per year in running costs!*^

  • Engineered for ultimate efficiency
  • Suitable for internal installations
  • MagIQtouch® controller
  • Zoned-heating capable
  • Stealth® Softair® fan system

World First

Braemar delivers the world's first 7 star equivalent ducted gas heaters

Inverter Motor

Australia's first and only inverter motor for ducted gas heating

Cost Effective

Most energy efficient on the market making it cheaper to run compared to reverse cycle

Comprehensive Warranty

Every single Braemar ducted has heating unit is made from premium grade materials and supported by a comprehensive factory-backed warranty. Our industry standard 7 year comprehensive warranty** for residential ducted gas heating also comes with a 10 year heat exchanger and burner warranty.

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*Star rating equivalent. Based on Australian Gas Association’s results calculated in accordance with the testing methodology in AS/NZS5263.1.6:2016.

^Data is based on: Gas price = 1.6 c/MJ • House Size – 240 m2 x 2.4 m ceiling height • Operation hours per year • 600 hrs (100 days at 6 hrs per day) – based on AS/NZS5263.1.6:2016 House Heat load – 0.2 MJ/h/m3 – based on AS/NZS5263.1.6:2016 • Annual Energy Consumption (AEC) for different star rated heaters based on AS/NZS5263.1.6:2016 • 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 6.8 and 7 star equivalent rated ducted gas heating systems. Note: These figures may vary for individual situations due to variation in factors such as gas price, house size and insulation, heater usage patterns, the area heated, how long you run the heating for, your thermostat settings, how well insulated the house is, your local climate etc.

**The 7 year comprehensive warranty is available exclusively (i.e. only) if the product is purchased from Seeley International participating dealers. If it is not, then the warranty period, when the product is used for personal, residential household purposes, is 5 years. In commercial applications (when the product is used for keeping people warm), the warranty period is 5 years, and it is 1 year for non-domestic heating applications. The warranty has terms and conditions, including the requirement for regular servicing of the product in accordance with the owner’s manual. In the fourth year the service must be performed by Seeley International or its appointed nominee.