Coolair CPQ Series Evaporative Coolers

  • Coolair Evaporative Air Conditioners are Australia’s greatest value for money home cooling system. The unique patented water distribution system means no clogging or dry spots on the filter pads providing exceptional water distribution and increasing the cooling effect. Known for its exceptional reliability, it is built to outlast!
  • Comes with a MagIQcool® controller as standard, with an optional upgrade to a smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive MagIQtouch® controller.
  • Save up to 85% on energy bills when compared to a reverse cycle air conditioner.*
  • Keep your home cool without leaving your doors and windows open. Install a security relief vent (sold separately) in your home and you can run your evaporative air conditioner while you are out, with all your windows and doors safely closed and locked. Your home will stay cooler as cooled air is released into the roof space. When you return home, open your windows and doors as normal, maintaining the fresh cool air throughout your home and open living areas.
  • Available in Grey, Beige and Terracotta. (Colours may vary. Terracotta available on demand)
  • Did you know that Coolair Evaporative Air Conditioners are environmentally friendly? By choosing an evaporative the impact that you can have on the environment is significant. Click here to discover more. 
Coolair Evaporative Cooling
5 Year Comprehensive Warranty

Quality that lasts – 5 year comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty

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*Seeley International’s calculation based on approximate running cost figures from publicly sourced data. Comparison with 1.5 star not zoned ducted refrigerative system in a large size (220m2) 2-star pre 2005 house in a Melbourne climate, cooling all day on the weekend and in the mornings and evenings when internal temperatures are high, and an electricity tariff of 22.8c/kWh. Negligible water cost excluded.