HVAC Case Study
Tri Tool Inc.

Sacramento -
California -
United States of America

Climate Wizard cooling technology that uses up to 80 percent less electricity than traditional air conditioning


To provide cooling to a large machine shop where airborne fumes were generated as part of the machining process, prohibiting the use of recirculated air conditioning.

Solution: Climate Wizard Stand Alone Cooling

The high cooling load from solar and internally generated heat required a large cooling capacity. This was provided by installing a single CW-160 that delivers 11,800 l/s (25,000 cfm) into the machine shop via ducts arranged internally, across one wall of the building. Exit paths for the warmed air were installed on the opposite side of the building, allowing the fresh cool air to purge away the contaminated air from the processes. The CW-160 operates with a COP of around 8.0 (EER = 27.3) in summer.

Climate Wizard technology is gaining momentum in the US – read an independent article featuring the Tri Tool Inc installation, Sacramento, California – click here to read more


HVAC Case Study Overview


Industrial / Manufacturing


United States of America




Indirect Evaporative Cooling


Stand-alone Cooling


Climate Wizard

Products Used

The Climate WIzard CW-80

Climate Wizard CW-80 Indirect Evaporative Cooler