Invertair™ Gas Heating Add-on Cooling


Australia’s first and only true inverter add-on cooling system.

The inverter technology in Invertair™ add-on cooling ensures uninterrupted comfort and a significant saving in running costs.

Power saving
High energy efficiency results in significant savings in running costs.

Low profile design
Visually appealing with a discrete and low profile design that can be concealed above ceilings or below the floor to deliver conditioned air via ducting and suitable ceiling or floor grilles.

Efficient and quiet
Inverter technology, 1W standby mode and automatic fan adjustment as the evening temperature drops all make for best efficiency and the quietest operation.

Easy and flexible installation
Compact and suitable for installation in almost all roof cavities. Room positioning and grille options allow for flexible installation choices.

Available in 4 sizes.

Note: the Invertair™ series can only be installed with the TQ heater and MagIQtouch® controller.


Flexible outdoor placement
Long pipe runs of up to 50m allows flexibility in placing an outdoor unit.

Slim design
Allows more flexibility in placing an outdoor unit.

Quick and easy installation
Single drain connection point allows for quick and easy installation.

5 Year Comprehensive Warranty

Quality that lasts – 5 year comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty

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