Multi Split System Air Conditioning

Multi Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Multi split air conditioning enables the connection of up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit. Enjoy the flexibility of heating or cooling rooms as required, with different temperature settings in each room. 

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Sleek and modern designs
Our split system air conditioning ranges offer sleek and modern designs.
The indoor unit also suits multi split air conditioning systems, thus delivering a consistent appearance throughout the home or office when a multi split is combined with single split systems.

Savings on runnings costs
High energy efficiency due to in-built DC inverter technology results in significant savings in running costs when compared to conventional air conditioning models.

Braemar multi split system air conditioning offers the flexibility to heat or cool rooms as required. Turn rooms on or off, or even set different temperature settings in each room.

Wi-Fi Control
Control the system from your phone. Available through the EWPE Smart App.

Ease of installation
Typically much easier to install, without the need for ductwork.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Multi Split System Air Conditioning FAQs

You can connect up to 5 individual Braemar split system indoor units to a single outdoor unit. 

Braemar split systems utilise DC inverter technology, which means they automatically regulate the power applied to the compressor to provide more precise climate control while using less energy.

An inverter is a power conversion circuit that electronically regulates the voltage, current and frequency of an air conditioner. This circuit controls the compressor, outdoor and indoor fans, maximising the air conditioner’s efficiency.
Compared to conventional models, inverter air conditioners provide:

  • Quicker and finer temperature control
  • Significantly lower running costs
  • Elimination of temperature fluctuations
  • Wider operating temperatures (model specific)
  • Greatly reduced system noise inside and outside the home

Ducted reverse cycle systems distribute hot or cold air through a series of ductwork, located in the roof space or under foor and distributed into rooms via vents. Multi-split systems consist of multiple indoor split systems, connected to a single outdoor unit.  

  1. Multi-split systems offer flexibility and convenience. You can chose the right indoor unit for each room of your home. For example, you can chose a higher capacity unit for living spaces, and smaller, quieter units for bedrooms, but have them all connect to the same outdoor unit. 
  2. They allow you to control individual room temperatures, and the ability to turn each indoor unit on and off, and set different temperatures, means you can maximise performance efficiency.
  3. They are typically easier to install, and particularly beneficial when a homes architecture, doesn't allow for duct work - for example in limited roof space. 
  1. The placement of the outdoor unit needs to be as close as possible to the indoor units. This can be challenging as the outdoor units can be bulky, and you will need to consider neighbours, outdoor entertaining spaces and location of bedrooms. 
  2. Your outdoor unit should also be shaded from direct sunlight, and installed on a firm surface like a concrete slab, or brackets on the wall. 
  3. Whilst multi-split systems to boast extensive pipe lengths, for larger, or multi-storey homes, you may still require more than one outdoor unit.