John L. Sullivan Auto Group – California

United States of America

World’s Largest Single installation of Seeley International CW-H15 units

In 2017 the John L Sullivan Auto Group in Roseville, California, completed a $5.7 million energy efficiency retrofit and solar installation that will foster an estimated $2.9 million in energy savings over the next 25 years.

The improvements at Roseville Toyota and at nearby John L. Sullivan Chevrolet in the Roseville Automall include thousands of roof mounted solar panels; interior/exterior LED lighting; a high-efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning system; and a cool roof.

This project used 2,300 solar panels, 1,800 LED lights and 51 Seeley International CW-H15 air conditioning units to achieve the energy savings.

This energy retrofit project was able to achieve an 86% energy savings as compared to before the retrofit.

The energy savings reduces greenhouse gases (GHG) by 1,262 metric tons or amount equal to removing 267 cars from the road annually.  The solar panel generation reduces GHG by 670 metric tons or amount equal to removing 142 cars from the road annually.

Total project reduces GHG by 1,932 metric tons or amount equal to removing 408 cars from the road annually.






Note: All information has been sourced from actual case study data supplied by the customer.