Your top 10 FAQS for the new Braemar Dominator Series answered!

May 22, 2024

Get to know our latest product innovation

The all new Braemar Dominator SeriesTM reverse cycle hybrid heating is an all-electric system, designed to directly replace existing ducted as heating. Dive into this blog of our top 10 frequently asked questions!

1. Why did we create the Braemar Dominator SeriesTM?

The Dominator SeriesTM was created in response to changing market trends about the way we use energy in our homes. Many homeowners are looking to decarbonise their home, by turning to electrified heating solutions with significantly higher Coefficient of Performance (CoP). Put simply, the CoP is a measure of efficiency; the higher the CoP, the more efficient.

For consumers wishing to switch from gas heating to electric, this often means an invasive and costly process – stripping out the existing ducted gas heating system, ducting, vents, repair of plasterwork, and finally installing a new reverse cycle ducted system. Retrofit solutions can become especially tricky in older homes that are complicated by site restrictions.

We asked ourselves, how can we create a changeover model that simplifies this process for consumers with a cost-effective solution?

This product offers a new way forward for switching to electric heating and cooling, and reduces the cost in doing so.

The Dominator SeriesTM was born. We believe consumers deserve flexibility and choice. This product offers a new way forward for switching to electric heating and cooling, and reduces the cost in doing so. It empowers homeowners in their decision making, and supports their aspirations towards a more efficient, renewable future. The Dominator SeriesTM is all- electric, designed to neatly fit into your ceiling space to directly replace the existing gas heater unit. It also has the potential to significantly minimise further changes to other components of the existing system.


2. It’s a new product, how have we safeguarded it?

Firstly, the Dominator SeriesTM has undergone extensive testing and assessment and meets all relevant accreditation, including MEPS, Electrical Safety and EMC.

The rollout of this product is also carefully controlled, beginning in Victoria, Australia. The Dominator SeriesTM is only available to authorised Seeley International Dealers following extensive training; both in the product’s suitability and features, as well as installation. Whilst the indoor unit represents an innovation in heating and cooling technology, it is paired with the tried and tested Braemar inverter outdoor unit. This unit has been part of the Braemar reverse cycle range for many years, delivering comfort to thousands of homes across Australia.

For added peace of mind, our Engineering, Service and Sales Teams are always on hand to offer assistance should an installer, or a customer need it. We understand that in the early adoption of any new product, additional support needs to be available at every stage, and are committed as always to delivering an excellent customer experience, and supporting our dealers and installers to do the same. Over time, more dealers and locations will be added to the sales network.


3. What makes the Braemar Dominator Series™ hybrid?

Many homes with ducted gas heating also have evaporative cooling installed. When the gas heating is replaced by a Dominator SeriesTM heating system, Seeley International encourages homeowners to retain their energy efficient, evaporative cooling alongside this. The combination of the Dominator SeriesTM reverse cycle heating and cooling, and an existing or new Breezair or Braemar evaporative cooler, becomes a HVAC hybrid solution for your home.  Learn more about why this hybrid pairing works so well in FAQ #8!

4. How does it work?

The Dominator SeriesTM utilises reverse cycle (heat pump) technology, and the system is responsible for both heating and cooling.

Heating: The Dominator SeriesTM utilises a highly efficient micro-channel heat exchanger, specifically designed to maximise the heating efficiency. Micro-channel heat exchangers were designed as a very efficient heat rejection coil. In heating mode, the inside coil is hot while the outside coil is cold.

Reverse cycle (heat pump) technology; the only technology that delivers 3 to 4 times heat energy output versus electrical energy input.

Cooling: In cooling mode, the inside coil is cold while the outside coil is hot. The inside coil achieves a temperature below the dew point, (this is the temperature at which moisture appears on a cold drink, for example) this removes moisture from the air, making it the perfect cooling solution for those humid days. The Dominator SeriesTM also has a “DRY” mode which is specifically designed to maximise the removal of moisture from the air – perfect for those milder days, temperature wise, but where humidity is at an all-time high.

5. Is the Braemar Dominator SeriesTM Australian made?

The Dominator SeriesTM comes in two parts, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit has been meticulously designed by the Seeley International engineering team, and is manufactured and assembled in Albury, New South Wales.  Both imported and locally made components are used for the indoor unit: for example, the EC backward curved indoor fan comes from Germany. The outdoor component of the system is sourced from world renowned air conditioning company, Gree Electric Appliances.


6. Can the existing ductwork be reused?

The Dominator SeriesTM is designed to be a direct replacement for gas heating and in many cases can utilise a large majority of existing components, like ductwork and outlets.

There are some scenarios in which this would not be appropriate nor in the customers best interests. An inspection and assessment must be carried out to determine ductwork suitability.

Factors that can influence this include:

  • Quality of the existing installation
  • Age and condition of the ductwork. An old ducting system may not be appropriately sized for modern heating systems. Similarly, worn ducts with holes will significantly reduce efficiency and should be replaced regardless of an overall system upgrade
  • The current length of duct runs
  • The existing zoning set up (and any potential update you may wish to make)
  • Location of outlets
  • Whether the heating and cooling upgrade forms part of a larger home renovation

Almost every installation will require a new return air filter grille to be fitted. These are larger than an existing gas ducted heater return air grille. We also recommend for instances where there has been no filter in the ducted gas heating return grille, that the return air duct should be replaced with clean, dust free ducting from the return air filter grille to the Dominator SeriesTM.

The better your duct and fittings, the more energy efficient your new Braemar Dominator SeriesTM will be. Your Seeley International Dealer will make a thorough assessment throughout the quoting process, to ensure your ductwork is sound, or recommend any updates.


7. What’s in the future for the Braemar Dominator SeriesTM?

There are exciting things on the horizon for the Dominator SeriesTM! Seeley International introduced the new model range with the flagship single phase unit, which would address the largest portion of installations. As we move forward, we will look to expand with a 3-phase model. 3-phase power is becoming a popular option amongst homeowners, and often a necessary one, for providing stable electric supply to large, or fully electrified homes. Our team are always exploring new and innovative ways to improve our product offerings, and look to market feedback at every level.


8. Does the Braemar Dominator SeriesTM operate well when paired with evaporative cooling?

For decades, Australians have been pairing ducted gas heating with evaporative cooling, for year round comfort. The Dominator SeriesTM replaces the ducted gas heating component, and delivers the best of both worlds for heating and cooling, with an evaporative system. Keep all the benefits of your evaporative cooler, including higher running efficiencies, and 100% fresh air ventilation throughout your home. On the more humid days where evaporative cooling is not as effective, you can utilise the refrigerated cooling component of your Dominator SeriesTM.


9. What are the servicing requirements?

The Dominator SeriesTM is no different to any other reverse cycle (heat pump) ducted system in terms of servicing requirements. We recommend yearly inspections by an authorised and licensed technician. Checks should be made on electrical connections, refrigerant charge, ductwork connections and ensuring the drain is clear and runs water freely. The Dominator SeriesTM is fitted with a pump and water level switch in the indoor unit. If the drain becomes blocked the system will show an error and stop cooling.


10. What are the owner maintenance requirements?

Owners can and should play a significant role in keeping their air conditioning system running efficiently.

Let’s start inside: Owners should regularly clean their return air filter and grille. The return air grille and filter is a vital component of any reverse cycle system, trapping dust, dirt and other particulate matter so it is not recirculated throughout your home in the reverse cycle air conditioning process. Cleaning these components is vital preventative maintenance that will deliver more comfort and keep your unit running efficiently.

Moving outside: Think of it like your outdoor unit needs room to ‘breathe.’ Ensure the unit is clear from any debris or vegetation. The efficiency can be greatly impacted when the space around the outdoor unit is not clear, so ensure things like stacked boxes, or your outdoor tools, are moved away. Whilst we understand HVAC units are not designed to necessarily be aesthetically pleasing, never place a screen in front of the outdoor unit without consulting an authorised dealer for advice.


That’s a wrap!

We hope you find these Top 10 FAQs helpful in your decision making for your home’s heating and cooling.

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