HVAC Case Study
Angove Family Winemakers

McLaren Vale & Riverland -
South Australia -

Angove Family Wine Makers use Climate Wizard cooling technology to reduce the energy consumption of existing refrigerated units.

Angove Family Winemakers is a fifth generation family business dedicated to crafting super premium and single vineyard wines from McLaren Vale, together with diverse wines from some of South Australia’s great wine growing regions.

Project Background

Angove Wines operate over two major South Australian wine regions, with a cellar door in McLaren Vale and a second cellar door along with winery and barrel storage in Renmark.

The barrel hall in Renmark required a climate control solution that would maintain the wine temperature within the barrels, at or near the target storage temperature of 16˚C. The humidity within the hall was to be maintained at a level between 65% and 75%.

After researching many different climate control options, Angove found that Climate Wizard was the perfect solution to meet their requirements and soon installed 4x Climate Wizard CW-H15S units.

Energy Savings Attract Further Installations

Six months following the successful installation of Climate Wizard in their barrel hall, Angove realised the need for a better cooling solution for their cellar door and restaurant. The existing refrigerated unit was not coping in the warmer weather due to multiple bi-fold doors being open throughout business hours, as well as the constant flow of customers in and out of the building.
The outstanding performance and energy savings of their barrel hall installation lead them to investigating Climate Wizard as a solution for their cellar door. The cellar door area spans over 277m2 and contains a café/lounge that leads through to a courtyard area.

Project Requirements

With the cellar door operating 7 days a week and offering night time functions, Angove’s design brief set the following requirements:

  • Capability to run for long periods of time
  • Able to have doors open during use
  • Provide a comfortable temperature for visitors
  • Assist in also cooling the courtyard area
  • Reduce cooling energy costs
  • Improve the efficiency of an existing reverse cycle system


One Climate Wizard CW-H15S Plus unit was installed to supplement the existing but unsatisfactory refrigerated system. The previous performance of the Climate Wizard units installed in their barrel hall proved that the technology could cope with running for long periods, as well as having the capability to provide a consistent and comfortable temperature with no moisture added to the air in the space.

The Climate Wizard units provide fresh, cool air at supply temperatures of 12.5°C to the cellar door and create a curtain of air around the opening of the bi-fold doors, reducing the energy consumption of the refrigerated unit. The energy savings from reducing the load on the refrigerated unit provided a significant 87% energy saving. The cool air produced by Climate Wizard also spills out into the courtyard area, which keeps visitors cool during hot summer days.

“Temperature is one of the most important controllable variables in the winemaking process, since installing four Seeley Climate Wizards to control the climate of our new state of the art barrel hall we have seen a significant increase in wine quality. The main benefits are in retention of freshness and importantly in the vibrancy of colour. Our 2018 wines show a significant increase in both these aspects and are some of the best wines we have made. The Climate Wizard has had a measurable impact on wine quality.”
— Richard Angove, Joint Managing Director, Angove Wines



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