HVAC Case Study
Barossa Valley Estate

Barossa Valley -
South Australia -

Sustainable Barrel Hall Cooling for Leading Winery

For more than a quarter of a century Barossa Valley Estate has been a defining winery of the Barossa. With the constant pursuit of perfection, Barosa Valley Estate required a highly efficient and sustainable solution for cooling their barrel hall during the hot South Australian summer.

Project Location:

Barossa Valley, South Australia


The project requirements were:

  • to equip the already well insulated barrel hall with an air conditioning system
  • to maintain the wine temperature within the barrel, at or near the target storage temperature of 16°C
  • ambient relative humidity within the barrel hall to be maintained at a level between 65% and 75%
  • to keep energy consumption to a minimum
Solution: Climate Wizard Supercool – designed to efficiently cool wine barrel storage rooms

Two model CW-80 Supercool air conditioners were installed in 2015, together with specially designed duct work to evenly distribute the cool air throughout the barrel hall. Temperature and humidity monitoring equipment was also installed in the barrel hall to record the actual wine temperature in barrels from floor to ceiling level and the barrel hall’s ambient temperature and relative humidity. As part of the cooperative work between the two companies, Barossa Valley Estate and Seeley International, the engineers from Seeley International also monitored the energy consumption of the Climate Wizard air conditioners.

The results indicate that the Climate Wizard Supercool system provides incredible savings of up to 80% compared to the energy that a refrigerated system would have used, while maintaining the desired temperature and humidity.



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