A New Year’s Resolution worth making

Frank Seeley AM, Founder and Executive Chairman of Seeley International
A New Year’s Resolution worth making
With 2017 expected to be a year of transition for our local manufacturing sector, it’s timely for businesses and automotive workers alike to make a New Year’s resolution that best positions them for the changes ahead.

Many families have had an uneasy vigil awaiting confirmation of when local vehicle production will end. That one announcement will create a ripple effect through the associated parts supply businesses and their hundreds of direct employees. If that’s not enough, we can expect wider impacts across all of SA – from the local deli frequented by workers, the nearby petrol station and shop, local pub … the list goes on.

While we’ve known the end is nigh, there are things that can be done to help soften the blow. With the sector at cross roads, manufacturers must recognise the need to innovate, automate and accelerate if they want to survive and diversify.

Impacted workers should explore the opportunities offered by State and Federal Governments to reskill. The first step is registering an interest, and then speaking with someone about the options available. It’s no longer time for waiting – it’s now time for action.

We’ve got a growth boom in the disability sector, and a 6-month transition course might just open a new career focus, or perhaps it’s time to turn that dream of becoming self-employed into a reality. Either way, it’s always best to understand your choices and make an informed decision.

The rest of us can also make a New Year’s commitment to bolster our local economy too. We are a parochial lot and it is always good to lend support to fellow South Aussies by getting behind a local business when making a purchase decision.

Whether it’s buying milk sourced from a local dairy farmer, or bringing Spring Gully back from the brink of closure, we know people-power works.

Seeley International now employs more than 500 people that work across two Australian manufacturing plants. The products they make are now exported to more than 120 countries around the world. We are proud to call South Australia our home, and when someone buys any one of our many award-winning heaters and coolers they help to support innovation and protect local jobs.

So, don’t make a New Year’s resolution that you are likely to forget in a few days’ time. Instead, think about what you can do to help our state, business and community grow and prosper.

Let’s all make a difference in the year ahead.

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