Braemar Dominator Series™ Reverse Cycle Hybrid Heating System

Looking for an all-electric heating solution in your home to replace gas?

Braemar has revolutionised the heating and cooling market with its leading-edge technology – Dominator SeriesTM. Now there is no need to install a fully ducted reverse cycle system to replace your existing ducted gas heater. This is a progressive step forward for those customers who may choose to replace gas.

How it works

Dominator SeriesTM uses all-electric reverse cycle technology, packaged into an indoor unit that neatly fits into your ceiling space to directly replace the existing gas heater unit and leave all other components intact. It is simply paired with a new Braemar reverse cycle outdoor unit. This system has heating and cooling capability that is designed to efficiently heat and also cool your home. To get the absolute best of both worlds in the cost of heating and cooling, which only Seeley International offers, also install a Breezair or Braemar evaporative cooler, if you don’t already have one or the other!

Indoor Unit

  • Convenient size
    Designed to fit in the exact same position as a ducted gas heater unit for easy replacement.
  • R32 refrigerant
    More environmentally friendly, R32 refrigerant global warming potential is 68% lower than R410A, with up to 30% reduction in charging quantity needed.
  • Efficient and quiet
    Inverter technology, utilising the latest EC (electronically communicated) backward curve fan to provide high static, quiet and energy efficient airflow.
  • Zone control
    Switch between different rooms in your home and control the settings in each zone via the wired wall controller and RF sensors. The system comes with 4 RF sensors standard and can be expanded to accommodate up to 8 zones1.
  • Micro-channel heat exchanger
    Dominator SeriesTM are fitted with a unique, specifically designed micro-channel heat exchanger, maximising the heating capacity and efficiency.
  • ZERL
    Rated to the latest zoned energy rating label standard, for different climate zones.
Braemar Dominator Reverse Cycle Heating System Indoor Unit
Braemar Dominator Reverse Cycle Heating System Outdoor Unit

Outdoor Unit

  • Seeley’s Black Magic®!
    Advanced protective coating on the outdoor coil to reduce corrosion and protect from the harsh Australian elements. Three times better protection than blue fin coating.
  • Flexible outdoor placement
    Long pipe runs of up to 75m allows flexibility for location of the outdoor unit.
  • Slim design
    Allows more flexibility in placing an outdoor unit. Easily fits into tighter spaces.
  • DRED as standard
    Demand response enabled device capability is standard.

Zone Controller for Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

Smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive, your Braemar Zone Control controller makes operating your Braemar ducted reverse cycle air conditioner so simple. The discreet and modern design will blend seamlessly into the décor of your home.

  • Control 4 to 81 zones with individual temperature control.
  • Set different temperatures for each zone.
  • Ability to turn zones on and off, at the RF remote sensor, or, at the wired wall control.
  • Each zone can be both temperature and time schedule controlled.
  • Prevent excessive power bills by setting “SAVE” function. This function limits the upper and lower temperature settings.
  • Optional additional subsidiary wired wall control can be purchased to allow two access points to your zone system.
  • “X-Fan” function allows the indoor fan to continue after the system has been switched off in cooling mode, this helps dry the indoor heat exchanger
  • Optional Wi-Fi control module

1. Zoning is an optional extra. Braemar zone control kit comes standard for a 4 zone system. For systems with more than 4 zones, additional optional extra RF remote sensors are required.

Braemar Dominator Reverse Cycle Heating System Zone Controller
5 Year Comprehensive Warranty

Quality that lasts – 5 year comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty