Abbott Visits Seeley International Factory

The Honourable Tony Abbott MP, Leader of the Opposition, has visited the Seeley International factory at Lonsdale in Adelaide’s south and addressed employees.

In his speech to the crowded Seeley International canteen, Mr Abbott praised the company’s commitment to launching innovative new products.

“This business is proof that Australia can compete with other countries in a manufacturing process and come up with a world class product at a competitive price,” he said.

“In fact, what you’ve demonstrated here is that you can come up with a world leading product at a very competitive price.

“Not only that, it’s a world leading competitive product which is going to dramatically reduce emissions if it is deployed effectively.

To think that something like 40 per cent of the air-conditioning market in this country is provided by you guys, to think that some 20 per cent of your product is exported to 100-odd countries around the world, what a tremendous tribute it is for all of you blokes and girls.”


The founder and Chairman of Seeley International, Frank Seeley AM, spoke about his vision for Australian manufacturing.

“I am a passionate believer in Australian manufacturing,” he said.

“The statement that Australian manufacturing is dead, in my view is completely unfounded.

There is a big future for it, providing you do two things, innovate and automate, but not only this, that you do both these things well and never stop doing them!

“These are the critical success factors that allow us to compete against lower cost countries and maintain a competitive advantage.” 

Mr Seeley said that, while those might seem like big statements, “with vision and support from our nation’s leaders – and our possible future leader” Australian manufacturing had a strong future.



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