Another world first for Seeley International – The world’s first six star ducted gas heater!

Another world first for Seeley International:  New six star ducted gas heater will save energy and reduce household costs.

Seeley International has responded magnificently to the global carbon challenge – delivering the world’s first six star ducted gas heating range.

With each additional star rating equating to 10-15% in energy savings, the new six star ducted gas heaters use 30% less energy than a three star ducted gas heater and 10% per cent less than a five star.

It’s not just good news for the environment, but also for cash-strapped Australian households, with an estimated saving of up to $600 or $700 a year, depending on the size of the bill. Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, the new Braemar THM6 series represents a remarkable breakthrough, delivering energy-efficiencies which, until now, have been unheard of in the domestic ducted gas heater market.

Seeley International Chairman, Frank Seeley AM, was delighted to set a new environmental benchmark in this important category. 
“Our very latest ducted gas heating range has broken through the six star barrier for the first time,” he said.
“Cleverly redesigned, our heaters can now deliver far greater efficiency, guaranteeing real savings for the earth and the pocket.
“We have been making heating and cooling systems for some 40 years and it is most gratifying to strengthen our vital position as industry leader.” 

The release of the Braemar THM6 series is a result of Seeley International’s vision to lead the world in developing energy-efficient heating and cooling, as well as providing super-efficient products to an energy-famished world. :
“We are passionate about innovation and, after years of research, development and thorough testing in our Australian factories, we’ve been able to launch these products and hold our position as a global leader in developing energy-efficient heating and cooling,” Frank said.

“We understand that today’s consumers are seeking environmentally responsible products that not only save the environment but also slash household costs.

“Now is the ideal time for consumers to replace or install ducted gas heating in time for winter – and now you can do just that with the ultimate in super-efficiency, from Braemar.”

The key features of the THM6 range that distinguish it from all existing Australian ducted gas heating products are an electrically-modulated gas valve that operates at four discrete gas rates, the widest modulation range of any Australian ducted gas heater; a 24Vdc combustion fan motor that operates at four speeds to suit the four gas rates; and a unique modulating control board (MCB) that facilitates the four stage control of the gas valve and combustion fan.

“These features mean that overall, the heater can operate much more efficiently over a wider range of heat load conditions and therefore achieve higher star ratings,” Frank said.

Another new “star” from Seeley International – a non-condensing five star ducted gas heater 

Seeley International is also launching a new compact five star range – with a cabinet that is one third smaller than standard five star heaters.

Frank Seeley explained: “Until now, the process used to get the efficiency required for a heater to be categorized as “five star”, created condensate, which is liquid that had to be drained away”.

“The condensing section of the heat exchanger and drain took up quite a bit of room in the heater cabinet.
“But now, we’ve found a way to get five star efficiency without producing condensate, so we’ve been able to significantly reduce the size of the heat exchanger and eliminate the requirement for a drain.

“The result is a heater cabinet that is one third smaller and, of course, much easier to install.
“This is huge news for the industry and for Australian households, as it will bring the cost of installing high-efficiency heaters down.” 

The newest stars from Seeley International
Braemar THM6 Series
– 18, 23 and 32kW
– Six star rating
– Modulated Gas Valve
– 24 VDC Combustion Fan Motor
– Modulating Control Board
– Includes extra air models to pair with integrated cooling 

Braemar THM5 Series
– 16, 20 and 30 kW
– Five star rating
– World’s first non-condensing five star
– 33% smaller than standard five star units
– Easy to install, easy to handle
– Includes extra air models to pair with integrated cooling 

For more information visit the Braemar website


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