ClimaGulf appointed master distributor in GCC region for Breezair

United Arab Emirates based air cooling experts, ClimaGulf, have been appointed master distributor for Breezair, the world’s innovative natural air cooling technology brand, in the GCC region, following their huge success in promoting this evaporative cooling concept in the UAE.

The range of unique Breezair evaporative air-conditioning systems has until now been distributed by ClimaGulf only in the UAE under a strategic alliance that was formed two years ago with the brand’s Australian manufacturer Seeley International, who are the technology leader worldwide in evaporative cooling systems.

However, following the continued success of Breezair in the UAE, and a growing need for such environmentally friendly systems in other countries in the region, Seeley International has awarded master distributor rights to ClimaGulf that will pave the way for Breezair to be launched in other GCC states.

Commenting on the enhanced distributor arrangement with Seeley International , Mr. Sabu C. Abraham, Managing Director, ClimaGulf, said, “We have been overwhelmed by the response to Breezair since it was launched in the UAE two years ago. Our success can be attributed to a combination of factors including the provision of innovative products and superior quality service to all our customers, an increase in the level of awareness and understanding of eco- friendly products, and the whole-hearted support extended to ClimaGulf by Seeley International.”
He added, “With the size of the Middle East market for air cooling systems estimated at 100,000 units per annum, and with all countries in the GCC region supporting environmentally friendly and energy efficient sources of air-conditioning, we believe we can successfully tap into the huge potential that exists across this region for this innovative natural air cooling technology. To help us meet our goals in the new terri

tories that have come under our purview, we have started looking for associates with solid business acumen, who could immediately and independently take on the task of promoting and selling Breezair units in the GCC countries.”

Evaporative cooling technology from Breezair is ideal for hotter climates like the Middle East, as it cools air naturally, effectively and efficiently. Even on the coastal areas of the Gulf countries Breezair machines can provide cooling solutions to many commercial and industrial applications. It is a simple process, wherein the cool breeze is created by hot ambient air passing over water soaked cooling pads. Natural evaporation helps soak up the heat and cools the hot air. The effect created by evaporative air cooling is similar to the cooler conditions found at or near large expanses of water.

Breezair evaporative air conditioning is ideal for a range of institutional, commercial and industrial applications, and is immensely beneficial in partially covered / ventilated places, which require constant flow of cool fresh air and helps in controlling heat buildup, smoke, fumes and ensures flow of cool natural air. Some of the places where Breezair can be used include schools & Universities, factories, warehouses, commercial kitchens, outdoor Majlis, tents, restaurants (outdoor), airports and hangars, bus stops, Public and private Zoo, sports grounds, outdoor swimming pools and in poultry farming. 

In the UAE, Breezair systems have been installed in diverse sites including Al Wasl vehicle testing centers, large commercial kitchens for the Hospitality and Catering company in Ruwais, the outdoor dining area for Fenyala Restaurant at Qanat Al Qasba, Lucy switchgear manufacturing plant, RAK Ceramic’s ceramic kiln area, leisure and heritage destinations like the Sharjah Heritage area, the Sky Diving Institute located on Al Ain Road, and secondary cooling for HVAC at the Streit Vehicle Factory in Ras Al Khaimah.

Mr. Sam Peli, General Manager- Europe & Asia, of Seeley International, said, “The excellent track record of ClimaGulf in the UAE, has largely influenced our decision to extend their distributor rights to cover other GCC countries. We are confident that ClimaGulf’s expertise, their extensive knowledge of the product and sound understanding of the Middle East market, will further strengthen the environment friendly Breezair brand in a region that is constantly seeking solutions that address environment and health concerns.”

Breezair is suitable for places where the normal air conditioning system cannot work or be installed. The unpleasant working conditions caused by summer temperatures in the region that can rise in excess of 45⁰C in factories, warehouses and other large commercial open spaces, could also affect the morale of workers and in turn could affect productivity. Further, the continuous use of traditional air conditioning systems in such an environment would be extremely expensive. In such situations, the advanced technology developed by Breezair is an affordable alternative cooling system.

Breezair systems are cost-effective, as they use only a fraction of the energy compared to conventional, refrigerative air conditioning. The advantages of evaporative cooling over conventional, refrigerated air conditioning are:

  • Low energy consumption – as little as 20% of what is consumed by conventional air conditioning systems
  • It does not contain harmful CFC gases
  • It improves productivity
  • Breezair machines are easier and cheaper to install, and easy to maintain

Breezair has several innovative features including a Water Management system that monitors water quality automatically to ensure maximum product life with minimum water wastage. It has also developed a unique, highly sensitive computer controlled device – the Digital Smart Box, which monitors, manages and controls all the air conditioner features to provide ultimate comfort control. Another feature is the Permatuf casing of Breezair machines, the world’s first corrosion proof cabinet. It is made from UV stabilized structural polymer, which is the same material used in the manufacture of space shuttles. As such, the cabinets of Breezair machines carry a 20-year guarantee and a 10-year structural guarantee.

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