McDonald’s Restaurant – Blackwater

Queensland, Australia

Project Location:

Blackwater, Queensland, Australia


To cool a fast food restaurant, where the kitchen heat often adds to that from the scorching sun, making conditions inside bordering on unbearable, to maintain a cool comfortable experience for customers.

Solution: Climate Wizard Stand Alone Cooling

The usual solution is to increase the size of the refrigerated air conditioners to compensate for the large amounts of expensively cooled air that is extracted from by the kitchen exhaust hoods. In Blackwater, and in many other installations since, Climate Wizard has been installed to provide the fresh air that is extracted by the exhaust hoods. Climate Wizard can cool this fresh air far more efficiently than a refrigerated system and that means great savings for the operators. It also means that when it is time to replace the refrigerated system, a smaller refrigerated system can be installed together with Climate Wizard, while keeping the capital cost about the same, as would be the case if one large refrigerated system was used. The result has been an immediate saving of over 10% in running cost and a very short payback on the new installation.

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