Saints Foodland Supermarket – Salisbury

South Australia

Project Requirements

Soon after the opening of the new supermarket, it was quickly identified that the dry goods store area required an air conditioning solution. Periods of hot weather were presenting an OH&S issue for the staff as well as temperatures threatening to spoil food and damage packaging.

To eliminate the concerns, the design brief set the following requirements:
• Maintain consistent and comfortable temperatures for staff
• Achieve a balanced temperature and humidity level
• Minimise energy consumption
• Reduce infiltration through open roller doors


With the well-being of staff and the prevention of food spoilage a top priority for the supermarket, four stand-alone Climate Wizard CW-P15 units were installed and connected to one MagIQtouch™ controller. The units provide a set point of 24°C, which ensures a comfortable and safe environment for staff. Climate Wizard’s indirect evaporative technology adds no moisture to the air, reducing added humidity and providing an ideal storage temperature for the stock.

The store management are very happy with the results that the Climate Wizard units have provided and in particular the significant energy savings provided when cooling the space compared to a refrigerated system.

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